"Discover How to Quickly &
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You Need to Send Your Sales,
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                                                                               - by Cody Moya



Dear friend,



Are you tired of not having anybody to look at your offers or of not having people (or leads) on your list?


Are you tired of leads that simply don’t work?


Well, if you answered yes to either of the above questions, this is definitely the most important letter you will read today!


Here’s why:


In less than 10 minutes, I’m going to reveal how you can get all the leads you need to send money flooding into your bank account 24/7.


This is your chance to get the leads you need to produce the kind of profits that could allow you to:


  • Take your dream vacation
  • Buy those little extras that you’ve always wanted
  • Eliminate your debt
  • Maybe even say good-bye to your boss forever!

It’s true.


My leads expertise has allowed me to skyrocket my income online and now I’m going to show you how to do it, too!


I’m going to show you how to get tons of leads that are from the U.S. and that are highly interested in business opportunities.


But first, let me ask you a quick question …



What’s One of (If Not “the”) Most Valuable

Things a Marketer Can Have?


The answer is a good list.


You’d be hard-pressed to find anything that beats the true profit potential of a responsive list.


In fact, I will go ahead and say it now – “nothing produces cash profits like a targeted, active list.”


I currently have multiple sites producing multiple five-figure incomes each month and it’s all thanks to my leads (or subscribers).


Unfortunately, getting lists that contain quality subscribers has never been easy … until now that is!


Why is now so different?


Please keep reading to find out.



How Would You Like to Have an Unfair Advantage Over Almost Everyone Else Online Who Sells

or Recruits Via Opt-in Subscriber Leads?


It was W.C. Fields who once said, “All I ask is for an unfair advantage.”


And I think we can all identify with the sentiment behind Mr. Fields’ statement.


I mean who wouldn’t want an advantage over the competition – nothing illegal mind you, but just a little advantage that most others didn’t know about … an advantage that could allow you to sell more and make more than everybody else.


It would, quite frankly, be a dream come true for most of us.


Well, prepare yourself, because I’m about to tell you how you can turn the above dream into reality.


I’m about to reveal how you can have your very own “unfair advantage” over the competition.


You see, my leads knowledge has given me my own personal “unfair advantage” for the past several years and my current Internet empire is living proof of that.


But have you ever noticed when someone does very well that they start getting the urge to give back, well after what I’ve made the past few years I’m feeling that urge pretty strongly right now!


That’s why I’ve decided to tell you …



How to Get Tens of Thousands or Even Hundreds of Thousands of Opt-In Subscriber Leads That Are Fresh & Interested in Buying Quality Products & Services Online Delivered Right to You!


Hello, my name is Cody Moya and when I first came to the US, I didn’t even have a place to sleep. That’s right, I was practically homeless.


I say “practically” because before I came to the US I exchanged emails for a few weeks with total stranger. This stranger had an old beat-up trailer at a trailer park in Florida and though I only knew him by email, he agreed to let me sleep in a tiny spare room in his trailer.


The room was so packed with all kinds of old dusty odds and ends that I could barely squeeze in and find a place to sleep. But sleep there I did.


Eventually, I tried to get my own trailer but I didn’t have anywhere near enough money. After searching extensively, I found a very old trailer for $900, which I could pay $50 a month for but when I went to the trailer park administrator to see where I could park my trailer, he kicked me out because I didn’t have enough money to pay for the site deposit.


So back I went to the tiny, dirty room filled with odds and ends where I had to sleep curled up in a ball because there wasn’t even room enough for me to stretch out my legs.


It’s from this inauspicious beginning – from being almost homeless and not being able to get my own trailer in a trailer park – that I rose to my current status as one of the Internet’s most successful marketers, who’s sold millions of dollars of products online.



How Did It Happen?


And, Even More Importantly,

How Can You Do It, Too?


Please Keep Reading to Find Out …


I knew from a very young age that I didn’t want to be like my father who it seemed spent every waking hour working. I can remember him getting up early and trudging off to work and I can remember him coming home exhausted only to eat dinner, go to sleep early and do it all again the next day.


I knew that kind of life was not for me. I wanted the dream! To be frank, I wanted to be wealthy. I wanted to have a huge plasma TV, a large house and a big, $50,000 car. To achieve this goal, I moved to the US, the land of opportunity, where I tried a variety of different career paths but nothing worked.


I started to believe that I would never find the right career for me and I became very depressed. But it was at this time, just when things seemed their bleakest that I realized the Internet could offer me an opportunity to earn the income of my dreams!


I decided to give it a shot but in all honesty, I knew very, very little about it and due to my living expenses I couldn’t afford to spend any money – not even a single dime – on any of the big guru books that supposedly tell you everything you need to know to easily make money on the Internet. Many of those books sounded pretty fishy anyway, and I just couldn’t afford to take a chance of losing what little money I had.



So What Did I Do?


The only thing I could – I learned by trial and error and by talking to other experts. And gradually over time, I came to understand the secrets to getting good leads!


It wasn’t easy. Over the course of a full year, I bought a variety of different lists and failed with almost every one to achieve the profits I wanted. But I learned from my mistakes and by the end of that year I had discovered the true source of business opportunity leads.


Of course, it then took me another full year to find good, trust-worthy sources who could provide me with the leads I needed and in a sizable enough quantity to make it worthwhile.


But I finally did it! And now I want to share my secrets with you.


This is your chance to get your hands on lists that have not been “strip-mined” (that is, been used over and over and over again) but that are still fresh and interested in business opportunities!


It’s these types of lists that helped me build my in-house list, which in turn allowed me to sell $2,156,745.94 worth of products online last year alone!


Before we go any further, just let me say:


It doesn’t matter if you tried Internet marketing in the past and failed miserably. I’ve been there and done that enough times to know it’s not your fault. It could, and usually does, happen to most everyone. To succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, you need that “unfair advantage” I mentioned earlier … you need access to good leads … you need LeadsMonthly.com!   



Watch This Video to See Firsthand For Yourself

the Quality of Leads This Service Offers!


As shown in the video below, with each LeadsMonthly.com lead you will receive: first name; last name; full postal address; email address; date and time of subscription; the IP address from which they subscribed and more!



It’s Also Important to Note That All Leads You

Will Be Receiving are from the U.S.!


These leads have money to spend and are genuinely interested in business opportunities.


These leads have not been gathered from poor countries like many of the other leads currently being offered online – and remember each of these leads will come with the full postal address, too!


Why is this important? For the following two reasons:


  1. Research has shown that somebody who took the effort to enter their full contact data is much more likely to be responsive to your offer than somebody who just entered their name and email address.

  2. There are many scammers online who illegally scan the Internet for names and email addresses and sell them. By receiving leads with full postal data, you will know for sure that the leads you are getting are truly opt-in leads.



Discover How To INSTANTLY Download Fresh, Targeted, Opt-In Subscribers Rushed


Think of the time and money you will save!


At last, you’ll be free to concentrate on other areas of your business, as my monthly leads service will deliver your target audience right to you at a very affordable price.


Here are five reasons why you need my monthly opt-in subscriber leads service:


  • My leads could allow you to make money fast!
  • My fresh new leads could keep you from burning your other lists so quickly!
  • My list service could enable you to start concentrating your energies on other important areas of your business instead of on gathering leads!
  • My lists offer immediate results
  • My lists are affordable
  • And much more!


When I was First Starting Out, the Most Difficult

Thing for Me was Getting Good Leads


Maybe you are facing the same situation right now.


I don’t know about you, but when I realized the importance of having good leads to market to, I quickly became obsessed with finding them.


It wasn’t easy but I was persistent and eventually I was able to start regularly getting my hands on opt-in subscriber lists that sent my online profits skyrocketing.


And now you can, too!


That’s right, you can, if you act now, get your hands on the same type of leads that helped me build my in-house list, which in turn allowed me to sell over $2.1 million worth of products online last year alone.


  • These are the highest quality opt-in email leads that you can load into your auto-responder.


  • These are opt-in leads who are looking to get involved with a money making opportunity and who have requested to receive offers.


Here’s more about why my leads are so special:


  • All leads are fresh
  • All leads have indicated interest in business opportunities
  • All leads are quality leads from 100% opt-in sources
  • All leads are only being made available to a select group of marketers to ensure they are not overused
  • You may re-subscribe the leads to your other opt-in list and make them your double opt-in

  • And much, much more!


There’s Never Been a Faster or More Convenient Way to Get Ready-to-Use Lists & Make Money Online!


So Isn’t It Time You Started Getting

the Leads You Need to Succeed?


Order My Monthly Leads Service Now & Save!


How much would you expect to pay for a monthly service that quite literally could change your life by regularly delivering to you hot leads that could send your profits soaring?


Certainly, even a thousand dollars a month would not be unreasonable – as you could easily earn much more than that from the new sales you may generate from access to these leads!


But relax you won’t have to pay near that much for LeadsMonthly.com.


In fact, right now, for a limited time, you can take advantage of my special promotional offer and receive the following memberships at discounted prices:


  • SOLD OUT! Platinum Membership – Just $497 a month (Reg. Price: $697) – You receive 1,000,000 hot leads a month!


  • Gold Membership – Just $297 a month (Reg. Price: $497 a month) – You receive 500,000 hot leads a month!


  • Silver Membership – Just $197 a month (Reg. Price: $297 a month) – You receive 200,000 hot leads a month!


  • Basic Membership – Just $97 a month (Reg. Price: $197) – You receive 80,000 hot leads a month!


  • Starter Membership – Just $47 a month (Reg. Price: $697) – You receive 30,000 hot leads a month!


These are incredible bargains!


To get a better idea of the profit potential of this opportunity, let’s say that you get just a Silver Membership and that each of the 200,000 leads you receive your first month is worth just $0.10 – that’s $20,000 right into your pocket. And this incredible value would repeat month after month after month for as long as you stay a member!


Let’s look at it another way: let’s say you sell an ebook at the super cheap price of $9.95 to just 100 people from your list – that is $995 profit – and with my Gold Membership you will be getting 500,000 leads!


Now think about if you sold your ebook for $19.95, that it would be $1995 profit! Or think about what you could get if you sold it $47!


Are you starting to see just how valuable one of these memberships could be?



When You Join You will be able to INSTANTLY download First Batch of Leads … & You’ll Receive Additional HOT Leads at the Beginning of Each Month Thereafter for as Long as You Are a Member!


Here’s Exactly What You Get When You Become

a LeadsMonthly.com Member:


  • Hot Lead after Hot Lead!


All subscribers are from the U.S. and for each person, you will get:


  • First name
  • Last name
  • Full postal address
  • Email address
  • Date and time of subscription
  • The IP address from which they subscribed


Each month’s leads will be compiled to one zip file and you can download it any time ... nothing could be more convenient!



Plus, If Your Subscribe Now You Will Also

Receive These Valuable FREE Bonus Gifts:


·        FREE Bonus Gift #1 – Autoresponder Software (a $197 Value)

This system makes it easy to get your message out to your hottest prospects. Start using it today and watch your sales and profits explode! Note: If you are not technically savvy you may need to hire a webmaster to install this software for you. At scriptlance.com, you can almost always find a webmaster who will install software for you for less than $30. 


·        FREE Bonus Gift #2 – Name & Contact Information for One Very Hard to Find Hosted Autoresponder Service!  (a Priceless Value)

Most hosted autoresponder services do not allow import of subscribers to their system at all or want to confirm as double opt-in after import so you have to install autoresponder software on your own web server. I’ve found one autoresponder company which allows you to import leads. You will get that company's name when you become a member of LeadsMonthly.com.

·        FREE Bonus Gift #3 – Name & Web Address for Today’s Best Autoresponder Software – which can easily handle 2 million or more subscribers (on a dedicated server)! (a Priceless Value)

·        FREE Bonus Gift #4 – Lead Consultation Audio (a $297 Value) 

In this special recording of a consulting call I did with a client, you’ll learn the best ways to use leads to produce maximum profits, exactly what leads are interested in and how to stay on the safe side using your leads, plus much more!



This All Sounds Too Good to be True …

There Must Be a Catch!


I assure you there is no catch. The leads you will be receiving could do all that I claim and more.


But I feel that I should make very clear now that because of the sheer value of the leads you will be receiving, I cannot offer a money-back guarantee.


All sales are final.

After all, you could be receiving the full records of as much as 1,000,000 people every month. This is almost 83 times more than the total number of people who are living in my hometown!


While no refunds will be issued, you can however cancel your membership at any time and not have to pay for any subsequent months.



So What Are You Waiting For?


Join LeadsMonthly.com Today &:


  • Start expanding your leads exponentially!
  • Send your website traffic and sales soaring!
  • Save time and boost profitability!
  • Start producing results immediately!
  • And much, much more!


Act Now, Membership is Limited:


Because I want to protect my leads and keep them fresh as well as reduce competition and maximize the chances of success for those who join my leads service, I’ve decided to set the following limits for each membership level:


  • SOLD OUT! Platinum Membership – Only the first 10 people who respond will be accepted!


  • Gold Membership – Only the first 25 people who respond will be accepted!


  • Silver Membership – Only the first 50 people who respond will be accepted!


  • Basic Membership – Only the first 100 people who respond will be accepted!


  • Starter Membership – Only the first 200 people who respond will be accepted!


Once these limits have been hit, I will pull this offer down from the Internet immediately!


That is why it is so important that you act now!


In the very limited time that I have had this offer up, the demand for memberships has been incredible and I fully expect to hit each membership limit very shortly – possibly even today!





Yes Cody, I Just Have To Have This Incredible Package! Count Me In Right Now!

It's Easy To Order....

Click Payment Button Below To Order!

I have Read and Agree to the Purchase Terms.


Purchase is final and can not be refunded



Remember: When You Join You will get INSTANT access to download of Your First Batch of Leads … & You’ll Receive Additional HOT Leads at the Beginning Of  Each Month Thereafter for as Long as You Are a Member!




To YOUR Success,


Cody Moya



P.S. Don’t forget: Membership is limited! So don’t miss out, take advantage of one our special membership rates and join today before it is too late!


P.P.S Also remember, that you can cancel your membership at anytime (though payments for previous months cannot be refunded).




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