You cannot Miss Out Chaubatia Gardens!

Ranikhet is a beautiful hill station in Uttarakhand. It is popular for its charismatic sights, gorgeous spots and thrilling places. There are numerous tourist destinations in Ranikhet which can be travelled by wanderers. The best thing about different spots is that they all are very alike yet different in their ambience.

Whether you are visiting the beautifully nestled city alone, with your family or friends, the place has splendid adventures stored for you. And for your stay, you can find a comfortable and cosy Ranikhet resort. Though the city is brimming with adventurous spots, religious destinations, and thrilling places, let us talk about the splendid, captivating and gorgeous Chaubatia Gardens.

Chaubatia Gardens

Chaubatia Gardens is placed around ten kilometres south of Ranikhet. This name Chaubatia literally actually talk about the junction of 4 ways. As per the local people the Chau stands for “four” and Bhatia stands for “path”. The gardens are situated at the joint point of four cities which are Ranikhet, Dehrti, Pilkoli and Bhargaon. During the time of 1868, Lord Mayo, who was British Viceroy then got so amazed by the charm and beauty of this place that he wished the British cantonment to get set up here. It was the reason that the Chaubatia cantonment got formed here.

Well, Chaubatia is a huge garden of plush green fields. The Gardens are hovering at a height of one thousand eight hundred above the level of the sea and it stretches over six hundred acres of land. The entire place is famous for the orchards loaded with juicy fruits such as scrumptious apples, peaches, apricots and many more.

The orchard contains more than two hundred varieties of flowers and fruits. A research laboratory is also mapped within the premises of this place. The environs of this spot also cater to panoramic views of charming snow-clad mountain peaks of Himalayas. Not just this, the visitors can also have a view of a couple of religious places such as Trishul, Nanda Devi Temple, Nilkanth and Nandaghunti.

It has indeed so much to tempt your senses and cater your recreation and delight at its best. Once you are under the realm of this splendid place, you will get drenched in the vibrant spirit of this ambience. Chaubatia garden is not just the spot for exploration but it also permits you to grab a self-indulgent piece of time for yourself. The creative sites, ground-breaking layouts, and well-thought implementation make this place an extremely coveted destination of tourist interest.

This mesmerizing spot is a natural hub for the solitary admirers and for the ones who wish to bond with the richness of nature. Visitors can taste a gorgeous view of the Himalayan splendours such as Nanda Devi, Neelkanth, Nandaghunti, and Trishul.

Thus, get your rooms booked in Ranikhet hotel and carry out an outstanding time here. And yes, while you are visiting this charismatic spot, don’t forget to bring along your camera. Maybe you don’t know but Shutterbugs from different corners of the world specially visit the spot for capturing its beauty.