Vacuum storage bags: which one to buy?

There are different types of vacuum storage bags, and it is vital to pick the right one for your needs. All these bags aim to reduce the amount of storage space needed for your things. The principle is to remove and keep out the air from them before you stow them away. A lot of people are now buying clothes vacuum sealer bags to make their travel hassle-free.

Roll-up storage bags

These are the most basic versions you could get. You put your things in, roll it up to reduce the amount of air and then seal it. These are smaller compared to others. Travelers find these helpful to get more things in their suitcases. Check the bags when you buy roll-up types. They should come with a double zip seal and a clip to help you seal the zip. Cheaper bags tend to pull or tear as you use them. Do not let the quality of your bags suffer because of the price.

Standard vacuum storage bags

These are the most common type of storage bags you use with a vacuum cleaner. They are like the roll up versions where you put your things in and seal the zip. The difference is that these have a valve on the side of the bags. Attach a pump or use a vacuum cleaner to get all the air out. They are more effective than the roll up version. Choose a storage bag that features a double zip and clip closure to keep the air out. The valve should also be self-sealing to prevent the air from getting in again when you remove the pump. You can use almost any vacuum cleaner with these bags. Use the nozzle where you attach the brushes and others. Check for the zip closure and details of the valve when you buy this type.

buying clothes vacuum sealer bags

Hanging vacuum storage bags

These bags have a zip closure with a hanger inside so you can hang several garments at the same time. Use the external part of the hanger to hook the bag on your wardrobe rail. You can unscrew that to reveal the valve and remove the air. After compression, screw the hook back on and hang it in your wardrobe. The whole bag will take up the space of a single garment. People often use these to store their suits and formal attires that they use in rare occasions.

The roll up types are suitable in smaller sizes only. The standard ones are available in different sizes. These sizes vary depending on the manufacturer. When you buy larger and jumbo sizes, choose bags with a high quality. Cheaper versions tend to tear and have faulty zips. Check out different clothes vacuum sealer guides to ensure you get the best. Getting the correct size of the bag is crucial. You do not want too many extra space for packing an outfit for two days.