Plan you holiday in Canada and fund the expenses yourself

There is no doubt, Canada is one of the important destinations in the world to provide you with amazing tourist destination to attract most of the international candidates. Several candidates including students, skilled labors and young professionals are visiting Canada every year to enjoy the specials of Canada. There are several visa programs designed by the Canadian government to invite all type of candidates from different parts of the world.

The best program to select

Do you have an idea to spend some time to say one or two years Canada? Then at present, you have the excellent option for you and that is working holiday Canada visa. Yes, this is the best type of holiday visa to get for you if you love to visit Canada and to fund your holidays working in Canada.


The program helps the candidates from more than 30 countries to apply for this visa. Some of the important eligibilities include age between 18 and 35 depending on the countries, valid copies of residence and citizenship from the home country.

Apart from that, the candidate should be financially sound enough to meet the expense and fees of visa, fare of to and fro air tickets and should prove that he or she can enough funds to meet the expense in the first 3 months of visa period.

Earn and Enjoy

Most of the visa program demands a valued employment letter. But, under this program there is no need for you to get valued employment letter from a reputed employer to get the visa. You can select any of the desired jobs in Canada permitted by the visa within 3 months of entering Canada. This provides you with the great opportunity to fund your expenses when you celebrate the holidays in Canada. This is why this visa is said as the best option to earn and enjoy in Canada.

Apply for visa and get ready to fly

Yes, this visa doesn’t take long time to process. If you have met the eligibility standards and have required documents in your hand, then it takes just 6 months to 8 weeks to get the visa processed. Make sure that you have good health and valuable health insurance with you for the period of visa in Canada. This visa provides the freedom to visit the amazing places of Canada and to get engaged in your desired work legally.

Get professional help

It is better to get professional help of any of the reputed immigration service providers to make the application and documentation perfect. Even a small mistake in submitting the application can result in the rejection of the same. They can assist you with preparing the necessary documents and meting the legal requirements.

Keep in mind that you have to meet all general requirements at the time of submitting the application for Canada visa working holiday. You have to present all of the asked documents at the time of application submission. Hence it is certainly a good idea to get professional help to make the process smooth and perfect.