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It is the dream of many to be a part of the country Canada. People from India move to Canada to find a livelihood over there and definitely gets one. If we check the population of Canada on the current basis, the majority of the part can be find out to be Indians. Well, Indians do get a good amount of job opportunity over there. And speaking of the climate condition over there, it is no doubtedly a delight to visit the place. However, many of the Indian citizens prefer Canada to India and want to be a Canadian forever.

 Well, many a times, people look out for Canada Family Visas which is definitely hard to get but not impossible. Thus, you have Nile Immigration with you to help you out with all these kind of problems.  Our company will deal with all the legal formalities, all you need to do is provide adequate documents and put your faith in us because faith is all we want to earn from you at first hand.

With the recent Canadian policy, the government of Canada whole heartedly accept family who wants to immigrate to Canada as a whole and thus provide visa to many of the members of the family without any issue. However, some of the members may not be allowed to enter the country if they are currently bankrupt or being in prison in the recent times. There are other restrictions and eligibility that you must be aware of before you apply for a visa for Canada.

Some of the eligibility required to be a part of Canada has been listed below. Make sure you go through all of them because the eligibility should be fulfilled correctly without any issue.


Many a times, parents or grandparents wants to be a permanent citizen or resident of Canada. Well, there are no such big restrictions on it but your parents need to fulfil the eligibility below.

  1. If they are unemployed or are in a bad financial condition for a period between 3 to 10 years.
  2. They won’t be dependent on you forever and try to help themselves financially if possible.

This is a kind of sponsor agreement that must be fulfilled by your parents/grandparents before they become a permanent citizen of Canada.

There are certain restrictions for some of the individuals who categories under the following. Well, it not only becomes difficult for them to be a part of the country but also become difficult to enter the country.

  1. He/She should not be financially bankrupt.
  2. He/She should not be in prison in the recent time.
  3. Should not be accused of sexual assault or any offence against their own relative.
  4. None of the court support order should be defaulted by the person ever.

Well, the 4 above are some of the restrictions that makes it possible for a person to get the family migration to Canada visa.