Activities You Should Add to Your Train Journeys

If you are really used to train journeys, then you must know about all the tactics and things that people use for making their train journeys full of life and enjoyment right? How many of you actually make the most of these train trips? Do you just sit and crib about the long hours to be covered, or you actually make every kilometre count? Whatever be the case, it is always good to add some new activities in your list.

There are facilities and features in Indian Railways like train running status live, toll-free number, pantry, and others those are making train journeys full of ease and comfort. But there are some things that the passengers have to do on their part to make sure that the train journeys go vibrant and effective.Following are a few activities and actions that everybody should underline for their train journeys. After all, only you can make or mar your train journeys. Haveloot below and you are going to love it for sure.

Carry a Blank book

It might sound weird to you but it is really exciting. You can make sure that you make your long train journey exciting and cherished. You can get the views of different passengers in your book. Of course, many passengers might show reluctance but many would be there who are going to give their views with no hitch. You can tell them to write about their region or area or anything they like. In this way, you can know how diversity got captured in your book. You can read that book down the lane and know how people have their different experiences and views. Of course, you can give them the ease to write down in the language of their preference. Be it English, Hindi or any regional one; let them express them in that. And yes, if you come across any person who is illiterate but has much to share then you can become their writer. It would be a creative and interesting deed.

Picture perfect

Don’t worry you are not being told to pose on a train; the idea is to take the pictures on the way. You can capture the beautiful sites out of your window. You can have diverse landscapes; encounter so many bridges, rivers, trees, cottages, forests, tunnels, and many other views on the way to your destination. These trains go through diverse places and the routes are always exciting and fulfilling. You can capture the pictures and preserve them for longer times. You can go through the pictures you took down the lane, and it would be a great experience. You can make a guess later on about the scenes and their names. You can even share the pictures with your acquaintances. If you are a parent, then you can show the pictures to your kids too.

So, these were the two dynamic moves that you can add to your train journeys. Your trips would never go dull and uninteresting in the presence of these activities on board.