Your Guide To Make Your Money Worth It When You Want To Buy SYMA X11

Drones that are controlled remotely will not last much in the hands of a beginner. Syma is one brand famous for the manufacturing of affordable drones for beginners. With Syma X11 Review, you will have a clear idea as to whether the Syma x11 Hornet is worth the penny.

The Preparation Before Take Off 

The charge time should be roughly 30 minutes using the included USB charger which came along. You remove the small screw and slide the battery case out from the rear of the transmitter. Insert 4 AA batteries and test the TX as to find out whether it turns on. Slid back the case and also tighten back the screw. You can put it in the battery bay of your quadcopter after you are done with the charging. The spring tab will help keep the battery in place during the flight of your Hornet after sliding it all the way in. you will see the LEDs flashing once the batteries are connected to the quadcopter. Turn on your controller and push the throttle to the top of its range and then all the way to the bottom after that. You will hear a beep sound which is needed and the LEDs will stop blinking. You will see the propellers moving when you push the throttle slightly. This is to ensure that everything is fine.

Syma X11 Review

The Remote Controller and The Durability of The X11 

The remote controller comes with the X11 resembles a typical Xbox controller. It consists of 2 joysticks and 2 D-pads. Learning the drone x pro makes it much more fun and natural if you are the kind of person who is an avid console gamer. The frequency range of the controller is great and it performs beyond its rated potential at times. X11 is quite adorable and can take many hits. It proved its mettle and still flies when tested against trees, walls, ceilings, and furniture. There was even an incident in which the Syma X11 Hornet fell into the swimming pool. It was the end of the beautiful hornet but that was not the case but after it was taking out and the batteries were replaced, it came back to life and flew as if nothing had happened. It’s really a great plus when you consider the durability aspects.

The Build Quality of Syma x11 

Whether it is small or big, every electronic gadget has to have a good build quality. Syma x11 is a pretty well-built device when you talk about quality. The quality of the plastic on the drone is strong and not so brittle. The pop guard is an additional add-on that is a life saver for beginners. The remote control is also a well built and you can make the sticks longer if you have knowledge about gadget hacking.