Discovering New Drawing And Illustration Techniques Thru Skillshare

Drawing and illustration techniques are what you call as unique ways of doing art. The reason why there are various art forms like different ways to draw, different brush strokes and so on is that of these techniques that artforms become more expressive and artists are able to express themselves more. These techniques might have been developed thru constant practice or by accident just like man discovered fire, but refining it will require the development of skill.

Speaking of development, when you talk about skill you also need to mention the words development and refinement into the mix, because in order for one to acquire a certain skill, learning it doesn’t consider it a skill, it’s thru constant practice and development that refinement can be achieved and it’s not just a few weeks to a few months. It’s only achieved thru years and years of practice.

It’s the most basic one: Drawing and illustration skills is one of the earliest one to develop than other skills, for the reason that in schools and at home, when kids learn to write they are also taught to draw, the same as dancing and singing. This is the reason why it’s easier to start it but the problem is that there are more people that fell out of it for the reason that they outgrew it or got into some other hobbies that drawing was shoved. But for the people that continued on this path, they get better at as time goes by.

Why it should be rediscovered or refined: Drawing or illustration is not just an art, many people that learned about drawing and illustration used to it make a living like being a digital artist, a street artist and even as a means of therapy. It’s such a very universal art and skill that it can be applied to various things. It’s also a good way for people to be able to express themselves and a skill that doesn’t have an age requirement.

Learning it online: Drawing is not innate and that is the best part of it because acquiring it is thru constant practice. Learning it as well doesn’t require you to attend it at a university nor require very expensive types of equipment. If you want to learn this skill you can always look online to get a good lesson. It’s a good way to start up or refine your drawing or illustration skills especially if you are looking for a good teacher for you to learn good techniques.

Online classes offered online like skillshare are offering is cheap, practical and a good means to develop and refine new and old techniques. If you want to learn various illustration and drawing techniques, Skillshare has a ton of it on the site just for you. Refine your skill, learn a new technique and merge it to your current illustration and drawing to make it into something unique that you can proudly say that it’s your own. Head on to skillshare right now and explore your options and open yourself to possibilities.