All You Need to Know About Wicked Article Creator

Are you looking for a free software system to build content? Wicked Article Creator is the answer to your problem, and it builds content when you do not have time to do it.  You can then post the content to different sites and enjoy many benefits of backlinking.

How does it work?

This web content creation software comes in two versions. You can choose to get the basic or the premium version depending on your needs.  The basic version works perfectly for lower tier links.  When building articles for Tier-2 onwards, readability of the content is not very important; so, it works just fine. However, this version is limited to Tier-2 link building, and you cannot use beyond that.  If you want readable content,we would suggest the WAC Premium. It is designed and suited for all your Tier-1 content and link building requirements. The premium version also comes with extra features. They include an exclusive right to use different tools of link building, and you can also enjoy advanced web scrapers. With this version, you have an added advantage of using Tier-1 Content Builder.

Getting the license

Once you have paid for the Wicked Article Creator, you receive an email with a link to download, accompanied by login details.  You install the WAC software on your computer and sign in. They have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. So, if it does not meet your needs either in the basic or premium version, you can ask for a refund.

After you have bought your license, WAC offers after-sales support. Any issues that you encounter when installing it in your device,contact them via their support desk and they will assist you.

How to use it

WAC is only used with Windows and will run on .NETFramework 4.0 smoothly. It helps you create only English content. However, you can create Polish and German content in GSA projects. The best thing is that you can get the free trial and see how suitable it is for your project.The free trial downloads 60 articles for different keywords and topics.  It keeps downloading the same articles for one keyword; it is a limitation to ensure that people do not abuse the free chance to access the content database.  The trial copy also expires after running for 48 hours.

With the premium license, you can download between 150 and 200 different articles. This is a one-time subscription fee without any hidden costs.

The Wicked Article Creator is efficient and reliable. The GSA integration makes it excellent. You get an article with your keywords, and your project is ready. You can create content to last you for months withinten minutes. With a single tool, you can spin, scrape and rearrange your content for high ranking with the search engines. The ability to add videos and images makes it helpful, and that’s what attracts Google most.  It is a matter of copy and paste; so, no more long hours of writing and formatting contempt.