Fans And Players: The Never Ending Drama


When a sport becomes so popular and competitive that it has the power to shape how the governments function, or to keep the entire nation on hold and praying for the one team is not something to be taken lightly. This only happen due to a deep connection the people have to their desired sport, whether it be cricket in India, football in England and Brazil, and baseball and American football in the United States of America, the fans and the people of the country are willing to give their life to the sport and to see their team or country to win. This spirit is an age old cultural heritage that has taken hold in the hearts and minds of the people to which sports is just a medium. Every single meal that a fan 먹튀 his team is in the ingredients of the food. The spirit of sports and the joyous occasion it brings from uniting everyone together from families to government officials in harmony to cheer and motivate their team to victory and glory.


Relationship Between Fans And Players

The fans and players have a unique relationship with their players who they consider as representatives of their dreams, their lives, and their passion for the sport. What they seek to achieve in their lives they want to achieve it through the players. What they consider as their passion they want their players to show it on the pitch. This relationship is different for every culture and sport. But they are all just as passionate and judgemental and unforgiving to the utmost. They might not care about what they 먹튀for dinner but they are certain about how their team performs.Take the football and cricket fans in England and India. They are some of the most passionate fans of a sport in the world. Quick to judge and criticize but they will pour out their hearts when their team win and give them the utmost motivation to help the team suffer. If their teams do not show passionate and determination that to the fans is more insulting than them losing and having given their all.


So, a team’s foundation is their fan base and how they want their team and club to be perceived is what is more important than whether they win or lose.