Check NBA Picks Against the Spread and Learn Expert Tips On Betting

We can all agree that NBA is one of the most famous basketball associations in the world followed by millions of non-Americans and everyone else from the USA. Now is the time to enter the world of basketball association and understand numerous wagering options.

NBA betting is different when compared with other sports, which could be challenging and overwhelming at first, but if you understand and follow this particular sport, you will be able to reduce risks and enjoy in the substantial profit.

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  1. Money Line

The first thigh that you should know when it comes to betting is that this is the most straightforward wager that you can make in any sport and any game. The money line betting option will allow you to place a bet on a team that you think is going to win a game.

When it comes to the National Basketball Association, you should have in mind that this particular bet includes overtime and you won’t be able to get a tie as a result.

For instance:

  • Chicago Bulls -220ML
  • Miami Heat +200 ML

The betting odds are based on the list points we’ve presented you in this particular example. Therefore, the Chicago Bulls are favorites, and you have to wage at least $220 to earn $100 as a profit.

On the other hand, if you wish to wage on Miami Heat, you will get $200 for every hundred bucks you wager on them.

  1. Point Spread

Similarly, as in NFL, the point spread is the indication of which team is underdog and favorite when it comes to the match you wishes to bet on. A negative line for betting such as -4.5 will indicate that the team will be expected to win the game by five or more points.

On the other hand, when positive betting lines are +4.5, it states that the team is not a favorite, which means that it is expected to lose for at least five points and more. Next, to a team, you will see these numbers that will indicate the return you will get for each wager you make.

You will see it like:

  • Chicago Bulls -3.5
  • Miami Heat +3.5

Therefore, if you choose to consider Miami, you will win in a case that they lose four or more points in the game. You can change options by saying that Miami will win the game following that score, or that Miami will drop by that score again so that it can cover the point spread.

You should have in mind that when you bet on points spread, you should consider whether the spread will go up and down and how much based on specific criteria.

If you can lock the bet at -5.5, and the line states -3.5, it means that you will win only if your team wins by six or more points. In case that they win by three, you will lose since you’ve locked a bet on a specific spread that you wanted in the first place.

Check here if you wish to learn more on spread betting and its importance.

  1. Game Totals

It is not surprising to state that basketball totals can range from low 190s and up to 230 based on numerous factors. You should consider factors such as field goal percentage and pace of place so that you can make a play on total without losing a significant amount of funds.

For instance:

  • Chicago Bulls/Miami Heat – Under 199.5-110, Over 199.5-110

Therefore, if you decide to bet over 199.5, there have to be total 200 points or more scored in the game so that you can win a bet. On the other hand, if you consider the different bet, then you should consider less than 199.5 points in the game.

If totals are whole numbers such as 198 or 196, and it happens to land on the exact number, your bet will be graded as push, and you will get your money back.

We have presented you three most popular NBA betting options for beginner bettors so that you can start by understanding how it functions in real life.