UGears Puzzles: Best Eco-Gift for Your Loved Ones

Do you need a present, but you or the person for whom you’re shopping care so much about the environment? If so, then you will be pleased to know that wooden puzzles UGears are eco-friendly gifts that you can consider. You can check out yourself UGears eco-friendly collection here –

Each item from UGears is made of high-quality natural wood that will last for many next years to come. They can be easily recycled without any harm to the earth or environment. Along with the eco-friendly feature, UGears wooden models features –

  • Quality – Each item from UGears are made of top-notch plywood boards with accurately cut parts. They use high-accuracy laser cut technique to ensure quality.
  • Assembly – All parts of each item are pre-cut and thus, can be easily assembled right out of the box. All you need is your own two hands using model assembly patience and instructions.
  • Design – You will get the feel of real motion mechanics and each item feature elegant, beautify and stylish design that surely impresses you or person for whom you want to buy as a gift.

When it comes to UGears puzzles, there are so many to choose from and following g are most popular wooden puzzles from UGears you can consider –

  • Theater

With UGears Theater, you can add additional adventure and thrill of clockwork to your storytime. This wooden puzzle will take you on a journey to fairytales magic world. This model opens unlimited possibilities for thoughts and imagination in kids. That’s why it is unique along with eco-friendly present for your special one. A person to whom you will give it as a gift will discover the world filled with witches and dragons, jesters and princesses.

Check out here – more about UGears Theater and make your purchase now.

  • Hurdy-Gurdy

Hurdy-Gurdy is the newest creation of UGears and it is quite different from other wooden puzzles. It is the actual string musical instrument. In fact, it is the world’s first fully-functioning wooden model for a puzzle, toy, and assembly. The main notion of creating this model is to take you on a journey back to 16th century France. You can easily play dancing melodies using this wooden puzzle.

  • Train

Another quite popular UGears wooden puzzle is V-express stream train with tender and it takes you on a journey of technology and innovation. So, if a person to whom you want to gift love to explore new technology, then it could be best eco-present for him or her. It is also one of the best wooden puzzles from UGears collection.

  • Tram

It is the first wooden puzzle from UGears collections. It provides unlimited possibilities to explore fun beyond assembly. The set comes with 14 parts and each one further comes with a convenient scale for developing on as well as playing with.

If you would like to purchase from UGears collections or curious to explore more puzzles from UGears, just visit