Significance of jewellery in Indian culture

India has a very rich and diverse culture. The Indian culture is basically a mixture of several hundreds of different culture over the ages. If you ever study about Indian culture and how it came to be, you would be amazed and awestruck at how diverse cultures all together mixed throughout the ages and gave rise to the current Indian culture. This current culture has been greatly influenced by millenniums old history. Throughout almost every age the use of jewellery was an integral part of the culture of India. Jewelleries have most often been used in special occasions so as to make the occasion even more memorable. Giving someone the gift of jewellery Jewellery has always been a form of showing gratitude, love and respect.

Nowadays jewellery is in itself a huge market in the Indian economy. In every city you would find tens and hundreds of jewellery shops all around. In recent times fake jewellery which are cheap knock offs of the original pieces have flooded the market and thus has created a n adverse selection situation which has caused a lot of problems in the market.

Handcrafted jewellery which is made from very rare and expensive rocks is very costly and are a rage in present times. You can buy them online as well. Just go online and search handcrafted jewellery online India and you would find lots of good places from where you can buy these jewelleries. In India jewelleries are used for every occasion. A wedding calls for extravagant jewelleries to be worn by the bride and everyone else also ordains themselves with beautiful jewellery. As a gift there are very few things which can properly convey your feelings of gratitude and respect as much as jewellery does.

Many families have extravagant jewelleries left to them by their ancestors and those pieces are more often than not worth a lot. These highly valuable jewelleries often give rise to squabbles and fights in between family members about who is the rightful owner of the jewelleries. Growing up in India, you would read stories and hear stories form your grandparents about these squabbles getting bloody. As a young child these stories used to captivate me.

Following are the most spectacular and beautiful types of jewelleries available throughout the country:

  • Bead Jewellery: This type of jewellery dates back to the Indus valley civilisation.
  • Bridal Jewellery: Wedding jewellery is something of the sort of a specialty in India. Innumerable types and designs of wedding jewellery can be found here.
  • Filigree Jewellery: This is jewellery made with silver and is widely popular throughout India and even has demand overseas.
  • Handmade Jewellery: most of the jewellery India is handmade jewellery.  You can buy Indian handicrafts online. India in recent times has progressed a lot in terms of online sales of jewellery.

The above mentioned are very popular across the nation. There are several other types of Jewelleries which are just as popular but mentioning all of them would not be an easy task. Studying about Indian culture and jewellery is an interesting idea and you should definitely go ahead and give it a try.