Shopping for Earphone amplifiers — Get the Best

Got a good headphone but still getting very low output in terms of sound clarity and volume …sure puts you off .Time has come to improve your headphones and the route is to get an Earphone Amplifier. A headphone/earphone amplifier is a power amplifier which allows high volumes and high current capacity to improve performance of small speakers inside headphones. They are usually connected to a headphone jack or line output for many audio sources. A headphone amplifier electrically amplifies a lower voltage or sound to higher voltage /output. This is how a headphone with low sensitivity is amplified to higher volume and voltage which headphones cannot match up to. Get the best budget headphones here.

Things to keenly look at before buying a Earphone Amplifier:

  • Best Hardware : If you want the best buy the best quality Amp’s with high quality electronic parts.

Often buying the best hardware last long and perform well in terms of Sound resolution, clarity and dynamics. So care has to be taken when selecting a gadget.

  • Output Impedance plays a very important role.  It’s usually in the range of 0.5- 50 ohms but the standard has now been up to 160 Ohms. By lowering the Output Impedance there was found to have an increase in damping factor. A high output impedance usually leads to frequency response errors with some headphones. So care should be taken while selecting amplifier which is compatible with the headphone.
  • THD: Total Harmonic Distortion of a signal … is the measurement of harmonic disturbance or distortion. It is used to define the power quality of electric sound systems. The lower the THD, the lower the distortion and more efficient production of sound.
  • Audio Power: It is the electric power transferred from an amplifier to a headphone.


Amplifiers can transfer only limited amount of power (watts) while this power is received ,only a part of it can be converted into sound energy without any damage to the motor.

So there is definitely a average limit of Audio power which an amplifier can transfer.

These limits have to be taken care before operating and syncing Amp’s with other electronic devices.

Depending on the budget and one’s priorities there are different types of Headphone amplifiers in the market. Grab a comprehensive knowhow of the best budget headphones​ here.

Some of the features to look out for are:

  • Portable/ Desktop
  • USB support
  • Battery powered or rechargeable
  • Size matters

Here are some of my suggestions:

FIIO’S ALPEN 2 E17 K : $139

    Rechargeable through wall socket, phone tablet or any other USB device.

    These are designed for demanding headphones like 15-150 Ohms.

  Can be used as standalone DAC/Headphone amplifiers.

  They support for both Dual function inputs for both portable and desktop device .


 Superior sound quality for a cheap price of $34 .

Mint tin sized, fits into pocket , Battery powered till 20 hours.


 This is a portable battery powered and rechargeable headphone.

 Absolutely versatile and can be used with any type of headphone

Top on the list as it doesn’t have to be paired with ODAC

So go ahead and get the best suitable Headphone Amplifier which suites you the best.