Reasons to Buy an Electrical Wheelchair in 2019

If you are looking forward to helping your special someone who has special needs, it is the perfect time of the year to buy an electric wheelchair and help increase their confidence through increasing their mobility and independence. The market is not the same as it was in the previous decade, it is now flooded with a variety of high-quality and technologically powered scootersnchairs.

Why purchase an Electrical Wheelchair?

Among the numerous benefits that an Electrical Wheelchair has to offer, here a few of them are listed that will convince you to purchase one:

1.The comfort of Moving Around

With adjustments to suit your height, tilt, reclining, and even leg space, electric wheelchairs with the latest hint of technology help you with enhanced ease of use and mobility. A key feature being it relaxes your arms and decreases the exertion.

2.Fitting into Tight Spaces

Fighting the stereotypical issues of wheelchairs, the latest electrical wheelchairs are perfect for indoor use. Not just do they let you enjoy going out to a crowded restaurant but also help you get into cramped spaces like hallways.

3.Ease getting on to Public Transport

Having mobility like scootersnchairs, these wheelchairs help you board a bus, train and other kinds of public transportation. Installed with 4-point tie-downs for safety, it makes portability easier.

4.Insured by Healthcare companies

Feared of the great costs? You must get relieved to know that Medicaid covers most electric wheelchairs. Helping you deserve the freedom that you are entitled to.

Which Electric Wheelchair to purchase in 2019?

Among a wide array of options present in the market, this article helps you narrow down your search for the right power electric wheelchair for you. Below listed are the ones that are recommended:

1.Drive Medical: Cirrus Plus Power Wheelchair

With a battery range of 15 miles, the Cirrus Plus comes with simply removable batteries and folding techniques for easy storage and transportation.

2.Drive Medical: Titan LTE Portable Powerchair

As the name suggests, this electric wheelchair comes with quick disassembly and weighs only 92 pounds. It has a driving range of 8 miles and a maximum speed of 4.2 mph

3.EV Rider: Allure HP6 Power Wheelchair

The Allure HP6’s has a driving range of 25 miles and has a seat height of 21 inches. It has a maximum speed of 5 mph and features full suspension on the rear caster.