Preparation Of Rainbow Baby Breath Bouquet For The Ceremony

A baby is so delicate, soft, and cute. So are the many breath bouquets. There are many kinds of bouquets that we can find in the market. For weddings, birthdays, baby showers, etc. And each one is unique in its perspective. So is the process to make them. The way they look beautiful, well organized as well as all with different seasonal flowers to match with the theme of the occasion. The design also varies along with the shape and size of the bouquet.

A bouquet is a combination of flowers or beautiful plants which look attractive or pertain to fragrant smell are combined and ordered in a particular manner to create a unique pattern. These are either tied with either a paper or a plastic background to make the flowers noticeable. And all of the above things are rolled in a cone shape and tied with fancy and attractive thread. This is the process of making a normal or a traditional bouquet. Let us now have a look at the steps involved in the making of a rainbow baby breath bouquet. But first, let us know about the components used in a baby breath bouquet and why is named so.

rainbow baby breath

Baby breath bouquet and its preparation.

These types of bouquets are very minimalistic with very few components stealing the show. The baby breath is wrapped like a normal bouquet only but there consists of no multiple flowers or attractive or fragrant plants. It consists of only a single flower that is a baby’s breath. These flowers are tiny and white that grow on a dark green stem. These are the only features of a baby’s breath plant.

Most of these are used to make bouquets for wedding ceremonies in western culture. You can find some colorful flowers on a bouquet. But these are customized and painted to look so. Let’s now see how you can prepare a good one for a ceremony.

You can start by cutting and adjusting the stem of the plant by picking a bunch of them.

After then you can use well-textured paper, but the most used color is a white one.

And for tying, you can either tie up to the whole stem or just at the center to hold the pieces together.

Then you can add some of the additional components to make it more beautiful like crafted designs.