Learn More about TRICHONLY- A Hair Loss Treatment Clinic Based In Singapore

Hair loss in men often results in partial or complete alopecia, leaving some parts of the head thin out and slowly making you bald. The hair follicles around these areas become dormant, which hair production process slows downs, and eventually, within a period, the hair is complete. In this article, the readers and the viewers will learn about hair loss issues commonly suffered by men, and for this, if you are Looking for hair loss treatment for men? Check out TRICHONLY today.

Here, you will learn about TrichOnly, a hair transplantation clinic across Singapore. The headquarters of TrichOnly is located on 9th Penang Road, the latest commercial landmark of Singapore, which lies near Fort Canning Park and Orchard Road commercial and shopping belt. This hair transplantation clinic provides services that are artificial intelligence or AI-oriented.

What is the most common form of hair loss or alopecia faced by men?

The most common form of hair loss faced by men is pattern hair loss which, in some cases, might start in your late teens or early twenties. Still, it is usually seen in males fifty years of age or above with visible signs of alopecia, like thinning hair and receding hairline. Balding from the top spot of your head, and this process develops very slowly.

How to get access to TrichOnly-

1. First, type TrichOnly in the search option or type on the provided link- https://onlyaesthetics.sg/services/male-hair-loss-treatment/.

Looking for hair loss treatment for men? Check out TRICHONLY today.

2. Click on the book for a consultation now option.

3. A pop-up form will appear on the page and should be filled based on your hair loss condition.

4. Fill up the form by entering your first name, last name, mobile number, email address, and the type of hair problem you are concerned with. In this case, choose between the options like- hair loss and male hair loss and thinning. Make sure to choose where you heard about them, like through any social media, internet search option, television, or press, and choose whether you want the consultation and hair services from home.

5. Click on get started now option.

What AI Technology does TrichOnly follows for male hair loss treatment?

They use SMART SCALP learning machines that analyze the type of hair and hair structure and detect the root cause of male-pattern baldness. This treatment detects the hair condition of the person individually through DNA and Genes samples and reverses the regeneration process of aging. This treatment targets DHT or Dihydrotestosterone hormones which are proven to stop hair loss by 85% and promote new hair growth in 65% of men in 60 days.

To conclude, the treatment mentioned above for hair loss in men is effective and painless.