Hermes: why is the brand so revered and is it worth the price?

The second-hand luxury goods market is growing and showing no signs of slowing down. Resale retailers, especially online premium consignment sites, are positioning themselves as ethical alternatives to fast fashion, leveraging affluent buyers’ shifting attitudes on ecology, luxury, and ownership.

Why are Hermes bags so expensive?

A new Kelly bag from Hermès would have cost under $1,000 in the 1950s before Grace Kelly was photographed with the purse that would later retain her name. A Birkin bag could be purchased for roughly $4,000 around the turn of the century when it became the main attraction on Sex in the City.

Today, though, the most basic Kelly bag costs around $10,000, more than ten times what it did in the 1950s, and the same Birkin featured in that Sex in the City episode costs around $12,000, more than tripling in value in only 15 years.

Hermes reseller

Kellys and Birkins retain their worth as collectible objects due to their unusually long lifespan and status as the world’s two most wanted handbags. Only a few bags are manufactured by Hermès each year due to the meticulous and exact construction of the bags, as well as the use of difficult-to-find materials and leathers. As a result, purchasing new purses directly from Hermès is limited, therefore purchasing one from a used marketplace makes much more sense.

What to look for when buying Hermes apparel?

  • Sustainable fashion is the newest global trend. There is a plethora of online and brick-and-mortar stores that sell used luxury things. When selecting a reseller, make certain that the reseller can provide extensive information on Hermes merchandise. Then, using Google, double-check all the listed details to ensure that the original product and the resold Hermes item are identical. Apparel Hermes reseller is a popular search option for this.
  • In the case of Hermes, there is no code of origin because, unlike Chanel, Hermes merchandise, particularly bags, lacks an identification code. One can investigate the details of the original model, such as the year of release, colour, elements, clothing, the HERMES font, and so on, and compare them to the one being offered.


With the surge of new purchasers looking to spend on luxury items, manufacturing companies must speed up their operations to meet the increased demand. This harms both the environment and the marketplace, as one item is not used as much as it could be. Purchasing used things guarantees that the item has a long-life cycle and does not end up in the garbage before half of its life has passed.

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