All you need to know about latex mattresses in Singapore

Latex mattresses combine latex foam with either springs or reflective foam to create a supportive and durable sleeping surface. The natural form of latex comes from the sap of rubber trees, the possibility of which was discovered by Dunlopillo in the early 1900s. Dunlopillo pioneered the latex revolution by developing mattresses and pillows made entirely of latex foam, providing incredible comfort and pressure relief. But why latex mattresses over others? What makes them different? We will discuss in-depth latex mattress Singapore.

Advantages of using a latex mattress over others

There are plenty of reasons for the popularity of latex mattresses in Singapore; let us see why people choose them over foam ones.

  1. The elastic properties of latex respond to the person’s weight, movement, and shape. This helps relieve pressure from the parts of the body that are heavier than others.
  2. These mattresses are very durable as they are naturally resilient. This allows the mattresses to hold their shape for long periods, in fact, years.
  3. These mattresses are very easy to maintain, which adds to the list of reasons for choosing this over the other available options. No wonder people love these mattresses.
  4. The mattresses are filled with latex; latex is also naturally resistant to dust mites. This makes for a unique and clean sleeping experience.
  5. Latex trees are responsible for converting more than 90 million tons of carbon dioxide into oxygen; this makes the mattresses extremely eco-friendly.

All you need to know about latex mattresses in Singapore


  1. When compared to foam ones, latex mattresses hold their shape way better. This allows them to give the users a very light and bouncy feeling.
  2. Memory foam uses the body’s heat to soften and adapt to the body’s shape. However, latex mattresses do not require heat to adapt to the body. Instead, latex responds to your weight and shape and provides personalized pressure relief.
  3. Latex is a natural substance, but memory foam is made from a synthetic material called polyurethane. For this reason, latex is more environmentally friendly than memory foam. People choose them not only for the comfort it provides but also for giving to the environment.

Where to buy latex mattresses from in Singapore?

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Hopefully, this would’ve solved all your queries about the topic of latex mattresses in Singapore.