Naturalist fine dining restaurant opens in Paris

Themed restaurants are enduringly successful, but it is still fairly unusual to see nude diners sitting casually in public restaurants munching on lunch or dinner. Now, however, France has decided to cater to naturists by opening O’naturel in Paris. The high-class restaurant lets guest dine naked next to complete strangers.

The Restuarant

With seating for 40 people, the restaurant was inspired by London naturalist restaurant The Bunyadi. French fine dining is the theme, with foie gras and elegant wine topping the menus. The restaurant hopes to attract nudists from everywhere who wish to eat naked.

Customers have been warned not to travel to the restaurant nude to avoid running into trouble with French police. Instead, locker rooms are provided where customers can strip down to the bare minimum and purposefully stride into the dining area attempting not to ogle their fellow naturists.

Diners might have curtains around their tables in some establishments, but in this frisky French restaurant, there’s nowhere to hide. Patrons sit amongst friends, family, and strangers enjoying the refined cuisine. The restaurant is confident in its new place, believing that even those who aren’t naturists will be delighted to try the quirky restaurant.

Themed Popularity

There’s no doubt that themed restaurants and eateries do exceptionally well. People are looking more often to establishments to provide food for them rather than cooking for themselves.

Businesses need to look attractive to customers, regardless of their theme. For people thinking about setting up a restaurant or takeaway, an attractive counter display works well to showcase the business’s food and drinks. There are reasonable prices, and companies like Fridge Freezer Direct can provide commercial appliances.

It is no surprise that restaurants are increasingly working to incorporate the unique, quirky and downright weird preferences of customers. In fact, a nude restaurant is subtle in comparison to some of the themes around the world.

The Magic Restroom Cafe serves food in a toilet, and a hospital-themed restaurant has waitresses putting customers in straitjackets and feeding them. Cat cafes have also gained recognition around the world, and diners can eat food while they play with cuddly companions. With the vast interests of different people, opening your own themed restaurant or cafe could prove to be a very profitable venture.