A guide to The wedding commercial video production

Most jobs in the film and video industry require creating a demo reel of the best work to be hired. The goal is to show what some are capable of doing at the top of the game, as well as what most proud of. In contrast, the wedding industry takes a slightly different approach to commercial video production services.


Wedding videography is a type of videography that captures the events of a wedding. Before the invention of the modern video camera, wedding videography was done on 8mm and 16mm films. When the film was the only way to capture moving images, a few enterprising people would take the family 8mm camera and film the weddings of their friends and family.

Type of wedding videos styles

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  • Documentary style

It’s usually referred to as a documentary film about the event. To maintain continuity the segments are edited as they happen. This type of editing will result in a polished record of the day’s events as they unfold.

  • Cinematic

A filmy look defined as cinematic videography or editing. Slow-motion and transition effects, saturated colors, creative camera angles, and dramatic music are all used in this style to increase emotional impact. It has that wow factor that allows telling a story uniquely.

  • Concept Videos

The concept wedding video is the most artistic and elaborated type of wedding video. It is usually scripted and includes a lot of preparation, usually a few pre-wedding shoots, interviews with the couple or guests, and the wedding video itself.

  • Short Form Wedding

Although there is no official standard, the consensus is that a short form should last between ten and forty-five minutes. When watching a movie, the first thing noticed is that things don’t always happen in chronological order. That isn’t to say it doesn’t flow, though.

  • Drone shots

Drones have become increasingly popular at weddings, with a rise in aerial photography and videography.

When it comes to capturing all of the special moments of their wedding day, many engaged couples consider wedding photography and its commercial video production services. A videographer can record moments from the wedding day that one might otherwise miss, such as guests arriving at the venue or mingling during cocktail hour while the new couple poses for portraits with the photographer. The combination of music, narration, and scenes from the wedding day takes preserving the wedding day to a whole new level.