Frequently Asked Questions About the Abilify Lawsuit

Schizophrenia – the medical condition and chronic brain disorder that affects approximately 1% of the entire world’s population. When the disorder is active, there are certain symptoms to note, which may or may not include the following: hallucinations, delusions, lack of motivation, and difficulties in both thinking and concentrating capacities.

There is a known medication known as Abilify that helps in the treatment of schizophrenia. The drug is even US FDA approved. However, it has been recently found out that the drug contains adverse side effects, especially when talking about its relation to the user’s compulsive behavior. Abilify can boost the feelings of “wants” of the user, and these can bring about excessive shopping, gambling, and even sex. If you or a loved one has experienced severe side effects from the use of this drug, then you can seek legal action. Read on to know the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Abilify lawsuit.

How Can I Check If I Can File an Abilify Lawsuit?

 Do note that most legal cases that involve pharmaceutical medications or drugs report that the medicine was sold with manufacturing, marketing, and/or design flaw. Furthermore, these lawsuits will often refer to the pharmaceutical company’s failure to warn and address the severity or the existence of certain side effects. When we take a look at Abilify, the patient, which may be you or a loved one, may take legal action if the manufacturer’s claims failed to adequately warn patients and doctors regarding the risk of the heightened compulsive behavior during the use of this medication.

Can I Pursue a Legal Claim If a Family Member Passed Away Because of Abilify?

 In most cases, the victim’s loved one, which is considered to be the patient suffering from schizophrenia, can pursue a claim for the deceased family member on their behalf. If your loved one has indeed passed away because of this drug, then qualified attorneys such as those found in Meds Lawsuit can help disperse the funds through the estate. This scenario is as prescribed by the law governing the authority in which the claim is filed.

 How Long Should I Wait Before I Can File a Claim Against the Manufacturer of Abilify?

 All legal claims should be filed within a particular and specific period of time, and this is referred to as the statute of limitations. This time period differs among states so you may have to check with your local government first. However, do know that it’s also dependent on the jurisdiction as to where the legal claim will be filed. Since the statute of limitations varies significantly from location-to-location, then it would be best to look for specialized attorneys that can assist you in this particular matter.

What Compensation Can I Expect From the Legal Claim Against Abilify’s Manufacturers?

 Compensation from the legal claim against the manufacturers of Abilify may or may not include the following: past and future medical expenses (which can include the treatment for compulsive behaviors), pain and suffering, wage or economic loss, emotional and mental damages, and debts incurred because of the compulsive behavior.

Note that the manufacturers of Abilify are large corporations with a significant amount of resources at their disposal. As such, tackle this predicament with due care and caution to make sure that you’re well-compensated in return.