Practices to Increase Your Chances of Winning Child Custody

If you are fighting to obtain sole or full child custody, you should expect to end up in court. The battle will be long and stressful. If you do not know what to do, you will surely have a hard time coping up. To help you during this trying time, here are some practices to increase your chances of winning the child custody battle:

Work with experienced lawyers

You can represent yourself but it may not be enough to win. If your ex is getting a lawyer, you have to get child custody lawyer in Houston as well. If you are tight on budget, you can always look for free legal aids around your area or consider a free consultation.

Show a willingness to work with your ex

You must know that there are many parents that lost child custody battles because of their unwillingness to cooperate with the other parent. When you are facing the court, remember to show a willingness to work with your ex. Even if you do not like your ex, keep in mind that he/she is still part of your children’s lives.

Avoid talking about your ex negatively

While it is helpful to talk about your ex, avoid talking ill in front of your children. Children do not understand yet and if you throw opinions and feelings out in the open, your children will see it the other way. The best thing here is to vent out your anger or frustration to a friend.

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Understand that perception is a big factor

You have to understand that in court, perception is a big factor. This means when you face the court, you have to find a way to present yourself as a loving and competent parent. You can start by arriving on time, demonstrating courtroom etiquette, and dressing well for the court.

Appeal for an in-home custody evaluation

You can also appeal for an in-home custody evaluation. This is useful especially if you think your ex is trying to present a negative impression of your home life. By having this evaluation, the court will know about you more.

Never reschedule time with your children

If you are repeatedly rescheduling parenting time, it could indicate that you are not committed enough. The court will think that you are fighting out of spite- not because you genuinely care about the children.

Avoid abusing drugs or alcohol

If you abuse drugs and alcohol, it could be used against you. With this, it is important that you make sure you avoid it and establish that you will not do something to put the children at risk.

Final words

A child custody battle is one of the most stressful moments in the lives of parents and children. Things will be hard if you do not know what to expect but if you do the right things with a solid plan of action, you can prove to the court that you are the more suitable parent.