What To Expect During A Window Replacement Appointment

Window replacement is a major task that you should prepare for. If you are ready for your new windows, know that they do not only improve the aesthetics of your home, but they all add value to it. Sometimes, home window replacement is also important after a storm. Maybe you are replacing a broken window or just upgrading them, it is vital that you know what to expect during the installation.

Get Window Permits If Needed

If you are living in a local building, check with the department if you need a permit for a new window installation. Usually, this is required if the current window opening will be changed to accommodate another size or type. A permit is also needed if you are living in a state that is considered to be a hurricane zone where impact-resistant windows are required.

Schedule For Window Installation

Once you have the permits ready, it is time to call the expert to have your window installation scheduled. The number of windows to be replaced will be the determining factor of how long the project will take. Usually, a 2-3 day timeframe is expected to start and complete the said project. This, of course, is dependent on how smoothly the work goes and if there are no additional repairs needed during the installation.

Window Repair Services

Preparing Your Home For Window Installation

Your home should be ready before the window replacement schedule. Remove any shades, blinds, and treatments. If you have any plants or decorations on the ledges, move them so it will not interfere during the busy day. Also, clear a path for the installers both indoors and outdoors. Turn off any security features that you have on your windows. The crew might need to bring in and out large equipment so you should make way for them. Have someone in your house if you are not available and keep the children away.

What To Expect During The Window Installation

Once the windows are delivered, make sure that you triple check to ensure that they are the correct brand and have the specs that you requested. See if there is any breakage or damage once they arrive. You would want to bring up errors to the contractor before they start working on it. Once the team arrives, ask if they need more coverings. Usually, they are the ones who provide them but it would be best if you also do your part in securing your belongings. Old windows will be properly disposed of by the contractor.

What To Do After The Window Installation

Once the windows are installed, perform a walkthrough together with your contractor. You should take note of any visible gaps in the window frame and the walls. Depending on the window type installed, try to open and close them for a couple of times. There should be no sticking or creaking if the sash is installed correctly.

Before the contractors leave, review any window warranty questions that you have with your contractor. Make sure that you have the necessary information needed on how to get in touch with the right people if problems arise.