2019s Favorite Video Doorbells: Ring vs Skybell

When it comes to the smart home market choice, Ring and SkyBell surely made it to the top of the list. They have earned a reputation for designing the best devices for your home at an affordable price. Before you go shop for video doorbells, it is best that you get to know your options. Everyone knows that Ring and SkyBell are two of the most preferred brands. But when talking about video doorbells, which is better – Ring vs Skybell?

Ring and SkyBell have released a couple of top-of-the-line devices. Let us go ahead and compare one of each from this company – the Skybell HD and Ring’s Doorbell Elite.

The SkyBell HD

This sleek-looking device is the first attempt of SkyBell for a video camera doorbell. Like other video doorbell devices, the SkyBell HD also sends an alert to your smartphone every time someone rings the bell. This will allow the user to see, hear, and talk directly with the visitor who is at the door even if you are not at home.

The device is available in silver or bronze, in a circular design. It looks different compared to the usual doorbells. With the SkyBell HD, the company will allow you to have more than one person listed on the account. This way, multiple users can access the video features and also answer the call when someone rings the bell. In order to operate the SkyBell HD, you need to have an internet upload speed of at least 1.5Mbps and can connect through 2.4 GHz Wifi.

The HD doorbell lets users snap photos or click in to see live video. In fact, users can also review videos that are captured by the device. It can stand through rough weather. If it gets stolen, the company offers a free replacement. The installation process is straightforward. And after purchasing the device, you get an app for your smartphone.

The Ring Video Doorbell Elite

This is the top-of-the-line product of this company. One of the major benefits of this device is being slim and minimal. It can also power through an ethernet cable (PoE) which makes it more faster and more reliable compared to the other video doorbells from Ring. This device was designed to solely rely on Ethernet power which is why it is expected to be faster than other devices, like the SkyBell HD.

The Elite has a total of four removable faceplates that users can use to give it their own design. Its 1080p HD video resolution and standard 160-degree field view are just some of the features that make this device the most preferred video doorbell. Its app and other smart home features and support are similar to what you can find on other Ring devices.

It also comes with a microphone and speakers as well as a two-way audio system that has noise cancellation. The camera also includes a live view on-demand, a night vision feature, as well as an advanced motion detector; go here to learn more and better.

Ring vs Skybell – Which Is Better?

The choice would depend on the homeowners’ preference. Both devices are made of reliable companies in this industry. There is no doubt that they can outperform other devices in the market. But if you are looking for something aesthetic wise, the SkyBell HD is the most preferred between the two. But if you are after the speed and connectivity, then you should prefer the Ring Video Doorbell Elite.