Bodybuilders and athletes often go for Anavar diet before their bulking cycle when they are required to cut down the body fat and lose some weight. This steroid is known to offer long lasting weight loss results thus making it a perfect cutting agent. On following a proper diet and exercise plan while you are on this steroid, you can attain great results. You cannot expect drugs to cause the miracle, certain human effort should always be involved to achieve the desired result. But this result normally varies from individual to individual as it depends a lot on the composition of your body and the goals you have set. By following an Anavar diet along with a slight change in the lifestyle, both men and women can attain maximum benefit from this steroid.

Never cheat on your diet

Anavar’s bulking effect is not very impressive in men like other steroids. But in case of women, the muscle gained is just perfect and the results are amazing. No wonder this steroid is referred as the “the girl steroid” by some people. But following a proper Anavar diet and workout routine for women and men both, is important to attain the desired results. Many people think that since they are on Anavar, they can easily have junk food. But this is not true. Junk food adds to your calories without providing any nutrition and it will make it tough for you to attain your goal. In such cases, it affects your bulking cycle and makes it difficult for you to get rid of that extra fat around your waist area.

Types of food to include in your diet

While on Anavar, it is very important that you stick to a calorie restricted diet. It is also suggested that you do not lay your hands on food which has a high level of saturated fat and are high in sugar content. Instead, you should go for food items that have a good amount of minerals and vitamins. It is also suggested that you have caffeine when at the gym, it helps to keep up your energy level. Caffeine also boosts your body’s metabolism rate and aids in burning your calories slightly. Such a type of diet, when combined with around 800kcal of exercise and Anavar can help you lose nearly 1lb in 3 days.

Precautions to be taken

Though Anavar is considered as one of the mildest steroids, yet it is recommended that it should be used responsibly. Some of the preventive measures you can follow to protect your liver against its harmful effects are:

·         Intake of lot of water, this helps in flushing the system and keeping you healthy

·         Cycle it with Clenbuterol to prevent the side effects

·         Consume a lot of antioxidant like fruits and vegetables along with vitamin E and C supplements

·         The herb milk thistle protects your liver by inhibiting the harmful substances from entering the liver

·         Usage of the powerful antioxidants like NAC and RLA is also recommended

While following an Anavar diet and workout routine for women and men, it is very important that you keep your body healthy.