Where to Find the Best Barre Class in Singapore?

Barre is a type of physical exercise that is generally done in a group setting at a gym or a specialized studio. The use of the ballet barre and the inclusion of ballet-inspired motions set it apart from other group exercise activities. Small, pulsating movements with an emphasis on form, alignment, and core activation are hallmarks of barre classes. In isometric workouts, participants keep their bodies immobile while engaging particular, targeted muscle groups. resistance bands, yoga straps, exercise balls, and hand weights are some of the equipment that is commonly used in these classes. 

What are the benefits of barre?

  • Barre classes are great when it comes to improving the posture of the body.
  • If you are looking for workouts that target the glutes then look no further. Barre is one of the best ways to work out your glutes.
  • For getting that toned stomach look, barre can be a great alternative. Barre exercises target the core a lot and this, in turn, conditions the muscles in the region.
  • Any exercise that includes stretching and a wide variety of poses is bound to increase flexibility and barre is no exception.

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  • Barre has been linked to reducing stress as well. Barre involves training the mind and increasing attention span and this is where the benefit can come in.
  • Exercise has been closely linked with providing better mental focus. Barre lets one channel their internal thoughts on a particular body movement and helps to increase concentration.
  • If you are someone who wants to build your strength but does not want to go about the traditional way of lifting weights, then barre is a good solution for you.
  • Barre involves quite a lot of high-intensity workout regimens that help the body to build endurance.

If you are looking for a barre class Singapore, there are a lot of available options. A lot of these classes can be found taking place in community centers where groups of like-minded people come together to practice it. Sometimes one can find studios are specially designed only for the sake of barre classes and the infrastructure is designed in such away. Health centers and gyms might also hold the occasional barre class for all of those who are interested. Joining a barre class is bound to get you the results you have always wanted for your body and mind.