Things you should know about 6me Singapore

MDWs must get a six-month medical examination (6ME) every six months. Every six months, you must submit your migrant domestic servant (MDW) for a medical check. This medical checkup checks for pregnancy and infectious disorders, including syphilis, HIV, and TB. A Singapore-registered doctor must confirm the findings of the 6ME test. It would be best if you were paid for the 6ME and any medical expenditures incurred due to it.

If your assistant is 50 or older, she is exempt from taking 6ME. She merely has to attend a medical checkup to renew her Work Permit. Suppose your MDW is on leave in another country. If your helper’s 6ME is due while she is on leave, you can request that it be postponed until she returns if your MDW’s employment is coming to an end. 6me Singapore provides the medical examination.

Benefits of 6me:

The home-based 6ME solution enables your assistant to complete the 6ME at home. This is especially useful if your family circumstances make it impossible for your assistant to leave your house, such as if you require care.

6me singapore

You will additionally benefit from additional convenience as a result of the service:

  • You will be notified when the test results are ready and will not need to go to the clinic to pick them up.
  • You do not need to transmit the results to MOM; the service provider will do so automatically.

How does it work?

  • You have to schedule the screening at 6me Singapore and visit at least 14 days before the due date specified on the mom’s medical screening form.
  • The results of the tests will be available within three working days following the screening day.
  • If a chest X-ray is indicated on the mom’s medical screening form, the X-ray will be performed at a Raffles Medical facility. The x-ray fee is payable just at the clinic.
  • Only if mandatory or positive would test results be sent to mom.
  • Please schedule your assistant screening only after you have got a letter from mom.
  • You will receive a soft copy of the findings through email.

The excellent advantage of this is that you can choose your desired day and time for your helper’s 6-month assessment, and our medical experts will visit your house to do the screening. So, make sure that you will get it done within the preferred days and times.

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