How to monitor the movements of your baby

Once you touch 28 weeks of pregnancy it is suggested that you familiarize yourself with the movements of your baby. In this regard a kick counter wristband would be of immense help. The main reason why it is suggested is that if any changes tends to take place you can take timely action at the earliest.

There is no normal pattern of movements that is anticipated during the day. Each pregnancy for each and every woman works out to be different. A particular baby is going to move a lot, whereas in case of another it may not that. You would need to figure out what is normal for a baby and take note of any reduced or abnormal movements. With a daily pregnancy calendar it is suggested that you track down the changes as well.

If you feel that things are not right and the baby is not moving as it was used to do get in touch with your doctor as they could figure out the reasons for the same.

Most pregnant women experience the first movements of the baby once they touch around 18 to 20 weeks of pregnancy. This is even though if you have gone on to become pregnant earlier and take note of the similar movements and some mothers are known to be aware of it as early as 16 weeks as well.

If there is no definite movement that is felt by week 24, let your doctor be aware of it they are going to ask you to opt for some extra scans.

The  earliest movements of the baby would replicate small flutters in the abdomen and goes by the name of quickenings. They are going to become more definite and you are going to get used to the pushing or flipping. This is going to be accompanied by the odd kick ins as well .

All these things are going to fall a regular pattern which makes it quiet certain that you could expect what things are going to be like. This is better as you can monitor the movements of the baby from the third trimester of pregnancy. Even a mother has a high risk pregnancy the doctor may ask you to monitor from as early as 26 weeks.

As the movements of the baby could help you to figure out the health of an unborn baby it is going to provide the medical staff any information if there is a problem. If there is a reduction in the movements it does point to the fact that the baby is not well, and in some rare cases the baby needs to be delivered at that very juncture.

The movements of the baby can be counted from 28 weeks, and this is unless the doctor has asked you to do it at an earlier date. It is also to be mentioned that if there is a sudden increase in the movements as well it needs to be checked as well.