How to find the best breastfeeding position for you

Breastfeeding is a tough and demanding period for a first time mom. It is a very essential step in nursing and hence you have to take good care that you breastfeed your child for at least a year or so. You can prolong breastfeeding as much as you want, even up till 4 or 5 years but the first year is crucial for nursing.

Rumours and opinions about breastfeeding

There are a lot of women who are not comfortable with breastfeeding. In fact in medieval Europe a raging profession of wet nurses had developed. The job of these wet nurses was to take care of a new born child and even breast feed it! It was considered unfashionable for women to breastfeed their children. However with the growth in medical studies which pointed more and more towards to the benefit of the health and growth of the child with the help of mother’s milk, breastfeeding gradually became the norm of the day. Many women however still refrain from doing it or some even cut short their period of breastfeeding due to various factors- two of the most important ones being professional commitments and the issue of comfort.

The comfort factor and the need to find the right breastfeeding position

To start off with, breastfeeding is more of a necessity than of a choice. It is a stage in a natural process which needs to be done because of the benefit of the mother and the baby. It has certain very important roles to play considering the growth and the health of the child, as well as hormonal secretions of the mother. Thus breastfeeding is something that you need to do and hence it is important to find out solutions to the problems that you might be facing.

A lot of mothers have a problem finding the best position for breastfeeding baby. The thing with breastfeeding is that, if both the mother and the child are in a comfortable position then breastfeeding can be done quite easily. Sore nipples and back aches are the most common problems that deters mothers from breastfeeding their infants. All these problems can be solved if and only if you can find the right breastfeeding position for you and your baby. A proper position will ensure that the kid is getting enough nutrition and is having sizeable amounts with each feeding which is very important.

Contrary to popular belief, there are various kinds of breastfeeding positions that you can try out. Rather than going for suggested references, first try and find a position that you and your baby are comfortable in. You will know you have found the right one for you two when you see that the baby is suckling properly and that you are getting all the back rest that you need. Thus breastfeeding your child in the proper position will not leave you feeling tired or with back aches, but will ensure that your baby is well fed.

Go ahead and try out a few positions to see which one you are comfortable in for both you and your child’s benefit!