Familiarize All of the Brands on the Market to Reap Its Benefits

Major issues centered on steroid use by sports celebrities are quite ordinary – they appear eager to offer their freedom, health, and employment to gain their “edge”. Such risks aren’t astonishing considering the large financial prizes that await them. The use of performance-enhancing substances is done in private; hence well-outlined studies showing the effects of anabolic steroids are rare. Testosterone medication increases body size, healing rate, and muscle strength; however, these results are associated with various long-term and short-term risks.

Increases Muscle Strength

It’s known, both hypothetically and logically, the steroid use increases muscle strength. One of the most recent studies performed in 2007 illustrated this effect of steroid. Authors have shown that testosterone enanthate, one of the most utilized and abused types of these performance-enhancing drugs, increase cycling performance and bench press strength in fit subjects. Older studies had proven that such effects were commonly earned in 6-12 weeks of medication, yet these authors illustrated significant changes within 3 weeks. These astonishing results show that steroid use could easily increase muscle strength.

Increases Body Size

In addition, the study showed that steroid use increased body size. In fact, a few studies support that finding. A well-outlined study tested the effects of performance-enhancing drugs in healthy weightlifters where it’s found out that testosterone significantly develops the quadriceps circumference, bicep girth, and body weight. This study revealed a boost in abdomen “tightness.” Since most studies don’t cite a fat-reducing effect of steroids, that finding is uncommon.

Increases Healing Rate

Another reported effect of performance-enhancing drugs is their positive impact on healing rate. One of the most recent scandals involving sports celebrities contained references to the use of steroids to hasten recovery. Unfortunately, few studies testing these effects in healthy subjects are available. But, there’s a few collection of steroid data in “distress” subjects that include people who have suffered major injuries and burns. For instance, a recent one done in 2009 showed that oxandrolone, which refers to the artificial derivative of testosterone, enhances lean body mass, restores body weight, and increases muscle strength in patients with serious thermal injuries.

Steroid Increases Danger

It would be reckless to define the benefits of performance-enhancing drugs without citing the dangers associated with their use. The authors illustrated both the positive and negative effects of steroids in their books. They noted that testosterone use boosts unwanted libido and aggression, along with disfiguring hair and acne formation. Steroids also modify their internal hormone milieu during and after their use. Yet, one of the most concerning issues is the adverse cardiac effects of performance-enhancing drugs. Exogenous testosterone limits good cholesterol levels and boosts bad cholesterol levels. Besides, steroids alter the heart’s functions and structures. It’s advised to learn about all of the brands on the market.

Studies in recent years have proven an alarming increase in steroid abuse by users from numerous traditions and ethnicities for the visible physical benefits performance-enhancing drugs are known to give. According to a study in 2000, almost 2.5% of individuals in the 12th grade have reported steroid abuse, a population which increased to 4% by 2002. These users, mostly in their teens, use steroids to enhance their athletic performance; still, the majority is using steroids to fulfil their wish of possessing the perfect body.