Different treatments available in sprained ankle treatment Singapore

A sprained ankle or a twisted ankle is basically an injury of the ligaments in the ankle. While you are suffering from a sprained ankle, you will find that your ankle is swollen or tender to touch. Moreover, you will experience pain as soon as any weight is experienced on the foot. The sprained ankle treatment Singapore is one such name that can help us in case of any ankle spraining or other related problems.

Sprained ankles are generally of three different categories. The grade I sprain is the least severe among all three stages. It’s a bit of scratch in the ankle ligament, and thus the pain is also a lot less. Then comes the grade II sprain is a second category and comes with moderate pain. In this case, patients experience a partial ligament tear, while in grade III, the pain is most severe with a complete ligament tear. Well, all the stages are painful and need proper treatment and healing process.

sprained ankle treatment

Medications and treatments

  • Whenever you get a sprained ankle, first and foremost, you will be given painkillers to reduce the pain of your ankle and will manage you to stay calm. It is the first step taken whenever any case of a sprained ankle or twisted ankle comes up.
  • Along with that, you might be provided with some kind of device depending on your pain level. It is because walking with a sprained ankle is painful, and therefore it is best if you accompany clutches for walking until the pain is reduced or gone. Depending on the degree of your pain, doctors provide you with tapes, bandages, ankle support bracelets, and a lot more to stabilize your ankle and fasten the healing process.
  • Then comes the part of therapy. If the pain and swelling are manageable and the patient is good enough to resume Movement in the ankle, doctors of sprained ankle treatment Singaporewill give you some exercises that will help you to restore the strength, flexibility, and motion of your angle.
  • Another way is surgery. It is extremely rare that surgeries are performed in case of sprained ankles. If the condition of patients has worsened and the injury cannot get healed with all the above-mentioned points, surgery is done to repair the ligament and reconstruct the tissues to set all right.

Therefore, helping patients with sprained ankles with the best medications and treatments.