Most cancers are challenging to treat; patients may need to see numerous cancer specialists throughout their treatment. Several cancer doctors may be involved in treatment at the same time. Active surveillance is recommended, but there are three treatment options for cancer: medicine (chemotherapy, laser surgery, immunotherapy, & hormone therapy), radiation, and surgery. A separate specialist may be in charge of each treatment. Not everyone will require all three kinds of therapy.

However, here is a list of cancer physicians one might encounter.

Medical oncologist

Typically, an oncologist will be in charge of the overall care and work with other doctors to arrange treatments. Chemotherapy, hormone treatment, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy will all be handled by an oncologist. Patients are most likely to see their medical oncologist frequently for the rest of their life.

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Radiation oncologist

An oncologist who specializes in radiation therapy. This cancer doctor singapore uses radiation therapy to treat cancer.

Surgical oncologist

A doctor who specializes in surgery. A surgical oncologist could be called in to perform a biopsy to diagnose cancer. Surgical oncologists remove tumors and other malignant tissue to treat cancer.

Patients may also need to see different physicians for special cancer care, depending on their situation. If patients need reconstructive surgery after treatment, they may need to see a plastic surgeon. One might also want to consult with a psychologist or a psycho-oncologist, a psychotherapist who specializes in the psychosocial aspects of cancer treatment.

What Qualities Should a Cancer Specialist Have?


A cancer expert must have a great deal of experience treating a particular type of cancer. Please inquire about the number of cases the doctor has handled in their career and the last year. How many is sufficient? There is no simple solution. However, a patient should have the impression that their doctor sees similar patients frequently.


Where did the doctor go to school? Inquire if they have any other credentials or interests. Inquire about any related research papers on cancer treatment that they have published.


Board-certified doctors have received specialized training in a particular medical field and must pass an examination to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities. If a doctor is board-certified in a specific specialty, such as radiation oncology or surgery, one may rest assured that they are an expert in that field. 

One of the most important qualities to seek in a cancer doctor is experience. Patients should understand that their doctor is paying attention to them and responding to their inquiries. Also, confirm that the doctor would be available to speak whenever one needs to — even after leaving the office.