It is tough to figure out if athletes have been under steroid use, and if there are ones that have stayed off them. This is same for Mike Tyson, for whom we might be wondering if he’s at all taken steroids or not!

The stigma that revolves around steroids and its penalties incurred are easy to get caught. However, the ones who can stay safe might never be known to take steroids unless they are suspended. WWE claims that none of the performers use steroids, but while considering Vince MacMahon who went from a frail old man to a ripped body in just a year, it was easy to understand that he did use steroids. Similarly, Tyson also took PED’s and we would know about him as we read below.

Mike Tyson Steroids

Mike Tyson is one of the phenomena in the world of boxing. The six pack abs that he boasted was his prime. It is quite rare to see boxers with such a lean and toned body. Boxers usually workout for speed and strength, and they don’t necessarily look great. Their abs look great but don’t provide any functional advantage to a boxer except the fact that their lower body fat has better agility.

It is tough to get precise and there are verifiable facts on the body fat percentage of Tyson during 80s and 90s. However, most people estimate it to be as low as 8% and 11%. Similarly, it is tough to be sure that the workout routine has consisted of types of steroids that he might have used. The information that we give you, was released by his management. They have done a great job to spin a good story to tell more bodybuilders and get a body like Tyson.

Daily fitness routine and diet by Mike Tyson

As per the official release, Mike Tyson wakes up around 5 a.m. goes for a 3-mile run, comes back, showers, and goes back to sleep till 10 a.m. He wakes up to have oatmeal and then during the afternoon he does ten rounds of sparring. Around 2 pm he has steak, pasta and fruit juice for lunch. At 3 pm he goes for ring work along with one-hour bike exercising. He then does 2000 sit ups, 500 dips, and pushups and shrugs each. He used a 60 lb barbell for doing these and then neck exercises for 10 minutes.

Did he consume steroids every day?

Around 7 pm, he would again have pasta and steak. He then does a 30-minute biking at 8 pm and watches TV to relax. His diet includes carbs, protein, which he got from pasta and steak. He used to also have some vitamins, proteins and shakes for making his diet simpler. The information is not absolutely precise. He used to do a lot of weight training to maintain his heavy physique.

Mike used to carry whizzers and that made people believe that he was into drugs. He was also fined $200,000 for proving positive of marijuana. Tyson also took PED’s like growth hormone. However, he never went into extreme to not face severe side effects.