Deer Antler Spray: Usage, effects and side effects

Deer Antler spray considers to be a strength booster. It can also give you better body, heal your muscle after exercise, improves your immune system and make your bones stronger. It’s really important that you pick good quality Deer Antler Velvet for yourself. It does in fact help support healthy joints; speed up healing and aid in strength and endurance. Like glucosamine supplements quality and concentration make a big difference as far as experiencing benefits. Adding this; other therapy was well tolerated and so it is beneficial in many aspects. Usually extracts and sprays are the chosen route of delivery because they are otherwise broken down in the stomach.

Deer antler spray is made from the velvet of deer antlers. It contains insulin like growth factor, IGF-1. It is a protein that occurs naturally in humans and is believed by some to aid in muscle recovery. It is also a banned substance by professional sports leagues. But what is it exactly? It is proteins that will help any cell in the body grow bigger. So, IGF-1 is in essence an anabolic steroid. But what separates it from any other anabolic steroid? The fact is that it is notoriously hard to detect. It isn’t detectable in a urine test. Many additional medication and therapy was well toleratedwith this spray, and therefore it had got usage to wide dimension.

The benefits from using Deer Antler Velvet are: 

  • Increases in muscular strength
  • Faster recovery after exercise
  • Increased sex drive & performance
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Looking & feeling younger
  • Improved joint & bone nutrition
  • A more powerful immune system

Deer Antler Spray: Usage, effects and side effectsDeer Antler Spray: Usage, effects and side effects

Deer antler spray is touted as one of the latest and greatest products on the market. It boosts muscular growth and endurance that is coveted by bodybuilders and athletes. As mentioned, dosage recommendations are lacking. Deer antler spray is applied under the tongue (sublingual) or in the mouth. This application method results in near-immediate absorption by the bloodstream. Directions for use depend on the manufacturer and the milligram strength, as well as additional ingredients in the best deer antler velvet spray for sale on the market.

Negative effects of deer antler sprays are generally considered far less than those of synthetic steroids. Any supplement, and that goes for deer antler spray, can contribute to some side effects when not used as directed. The majority of side effects reported from deer antler extract involve over-stimulation of estrogen receptors. It is also possible that an overabundance of the IGF-1 in deer antler spray will create side effects similar to excessive amounts of human growth hormone. If any of these effects are experienced, use of all deer antler products should be immediately suspended. In addition to benefits, before starting any new product, research both pros and cons for optimal safety. As with any fitness supplement, it’s important to proceed cautiously and note individual reactions over time. Always follow up with your doctor or therapist if you have questions about changing your recovery plan regarding an injury or illness.