Best Diet Shakes for an Ideal Weight Loss

Do you ever feel hungry when on a liquid diet? Silly question, isn’t it? Everyone feels hungry if they’re only taking in liquids. We have teeth for a reason – to chew food. Soup almost counts, as do smoothies, because you usually have to chew some part of them, the crouton, the ice.

Since diet foods exploded in the 20th century, diet shakes have come and gone off the centre stage as the best diet shakes’ make headlines and grace covers like the supermodel children of celebrities.

You wouldn’t be wrong to roll your eyes at the latest-amazing-drink-only-this-and-you-won’t-be-hungry diet shake. Except that it actually seems pretty good – the sort of drink that is balanced and healthy, i.e. good for you, and if you follow its directions, you might just land up losing the weight you want while not being a hungry mad-eyed monster.

So long Soy!

18Shake does not contain soy as its main amino acid/protein base, it useswhey protein instead. This is what sets it apart from other meal replacement shake on the market. This alone makes it one of the best diet shakes. The soy that is consumed in the west is not like the soy in the east. The latter is fermented, which is from where the main health benefits come. The refined soy flour added to almost every baked product on your local shelf is not fermented. Perhaps in smaller doses it would be easier on the human digestive system, but nowadays it’s in everything, but not in 18Shake.

18 is for its Vitamins

Why is it called 18Shake? Is it because it seems to be among the best diet shakes of 2018? Close, but it’s got 18 in its name to draw 18 vitamins to your attention. It is a vitamin elixir made up of compatible vitamins which work in tandem with the other nutrients in this shake.

Good Bugs for a Thriving Tummy

Digestive Resistant Maltodextrin is why this diet shake won’t leave you as hungry as you might imagine. Your body needs fibre for an efficient digestive system. When you take in a liquid meal, your stomach feels cheated. You retire him from the match for no reason, leaving him feeling useless, so he makes you feel hungry in revenge. Though not scientifically accurate, this is kind of what happens. The fibre from food helps you to feel full. 18Shake has fibre in it to aid the digestive process and help your stomach to feel useful. The happy gut bacteria like it and respond in turn by creating an environment that is conducive to wellness and growth. Recent studies link varied gut bacteria to improved mood and brain function.

Best Diet Shakes for an Ideal Weight Loss


18Shake haschromium, for blood sugar control; copper, for blood cells; seleniumfor improved thyroid function, and zinc, for a stronger immune system. It is more of an intelligent shake than a diet shake, but as it only has 90 calories, it is a diet shake.


Did you know that dark chocolate has health benefits that milk chocolate does not? The darkest chocolate you can find in very high in cocoa, which is a super superfood. The cocoa in 18Shake is what gives it the chocolate flavour that makes this less diet food and more of a delicious shake. Cocoa is believed to play a role in lowering blood pressure – no wonder modern humans crave chocolate.

Simplified Sweetening

What you usually find in a diet shake is a mx of sweeteners to mimic the sweetness we are used to from sugar. Stevia is the only sweetener in 18Shake. It is a plant from the same continent as another ingredient in this shake, cocoa. One hopes they magically combine to draw each other’s power out. Stevia is much more concentrated than sugar, 150 times more, so only a little is needed with only the slightest effect on your blood sugar. Diabetics – you may drink this.

There are a number of benefits to this product that do not link to its nutritional content. It lasts three years, for instance. It comes with advice on recipes and further lifestyle advice and information. It’s always a good sign when a diet product takes a holistic look at weight loss.

What seems to make 18Shake one of the best diets of 2018 is that you’re taking in a nutritionally sound shake that does help you to feel full. Don’t be hungry, be healthy. 18Shake is the diet shake that tastes like a normal shake but is far healthier. If you want to try something new this year, try one of the best diet shakes ever – 18Shake.