Healthy teeth and oral cavity is not only about a beautiful smile, but an important aspect of the whole organism’s well-being. Dental problems will certainly affect the work of various organs and systems. With the help of oral hygiene, regular care and qualitative dentistry treatment many diseases and problems can be overcome.

ADONIS Dental clinic will help you to maintain the teeth health for years to come.

ADONIS Medical Group of Companies provides a variety of different medical directions, including qualitative Dental services with emergency and preventive treatment: 

  • Implantation with Dentium, Osstem, Root
  • Prosthetic with Veneers
  • Prosthetic with Dental Crowns
  • Dental Implantation with Strauman system
  • Aligners services
  • Stem cell therapy in Dentistry

Innovative Dental treatment 

ADONIS services are always up to date for the best comfort, safety and health of the patients. We provide the latest technologies and use them during Dental treatment processes.

One of the innovative Dental Programs include the latest Stem cell therapy usage for total regeneration and revitalization of the body and body systems.

The oral cavity is a “launching pad” for the majority of processes which are carried out in the organism. That’s why the importance of the best dental care is indisputable.

With ADONIS latest services for the Dental health you receive: 

  • Full examination process of the oral cavity, dentition and teeth on the basis of ADONIS own laboratory of the next generation
  • Professional oral hygiene services
  • Dental disease preventive treatment
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Pediatric dentistry with special approach to the importance of the teeth care for children
  • Individually adapted treatment plan according to your tests results, general requests and wishes
  • Oral care guidance developed by ADONIS experienced specialists

Safety and controlled processes from the very first day of your treatment process – ADONIS clinics make you feel comfortable in the dentist room. Our main pride is the credibility and tranquility of our patients, which motivate us to be more qualified every day.

Guaranteed quality

ADONIS services execution is of the highest worldwide level, we provide effective Dental treatment with long-term results.

The guarantee period for the range of services is ensured for everyone – up to 2 years on Implantation with Dentium, Osstem, Root, up to 2 years on Prosthetic with Dental Crowns, up to 1 year on teeth filling and full and partial dentures.

We believe that everyone desires to experience the top-level treatment, that’s why ADONIS provides the most affordable prices on Dental services with additional benefits and non-medical help – translation help, transfer services, accommodation support (which is especially useful for our clients from abroad).

ADONIS ensures the safety for everyone by the rigorous preparation process. With the help of special examination we exclude the possible allergies, anesthesia intolerance, cardiovascular system diseases or respiratory diseases. Because your health is our main priority.

Make your smile shining with ADONIS Dental Programs of the highest quality and care!