7 Most Common Skincare Myths We Believe

Your skin says a lot about you especially because it’s one of the largest organs of your body and it’s is always exposed to people you meet. For these reasons, you need to take care of your skin in the best way you know and the best way you can. One fact you need to know is that your skin is different from others and the way you take care of it is different too from others. Therefore, do not apply anything on your skin simply because it seems to work well with your friend’s or sister’s skin; it might backfire on you so harshly. For this reason, it is good to work with a qualified dermatologist who will recommend the best-customized skincare specifically for your skin type. In the meantime, here are some of the skin care myths that you should stop believing in.

  1. Closing And Opening Of Skin Pores Can Be Regulated By Water Temperature

Have you been using hot water hoping that your skin pores will open up? Well, you have been cheating on your own skin because pores are no way sensitive to temperature changes. However, the sebaceous glands on the surface of your skin are responsible through secretion of sebum or oil. When this process occurs, the duct whose opening is the pore will enlarge and thus open the pore and when less of these oils are produced the duct will shrink and therefore close the pores. The elasticity of this duct can be affected by ageing and sun exposure, and this may lead to pores enlargement. This is why people use anti-aging creams to maintain the firmness of the elastin fibres because they are responsible for holding the duct in shape. Therefore, the opening and closing of pores will not be influenced by water temperatures.

  1. Taking More Water Will Prevent Acne

Many people have been taking a lot of water with the hope of preventing skin dryness or acne, and most of them get disappointed in the end. One thing you need to know is that water is good in your body because you will stay hydrated and your body will function better. However, water is not a remedy for acne or skin dryness. The oil that is produced by sebaceous glands underneath your skin and moisturizers you apply on the skin is the only thing that is responsible for controlling skin dryness, oiliness or presence of acne. Water won’t do any miracle, but rather use a suitable moisturizer for dryness and the right treatment for oiliness and acne.

  1. As Long As It Is Labelled “Natural”, It’s Perfect For Your Skin

Almost everyone considers going for natural cosmetic products because they believe they will bring perfection and no harm to their skin. This is a myth, and most of the time it’s a lie. To begin with, no natural product will last for more than a week unless some preservatives are added on to it. Are these preservatives not chemicals? It is very hard to have pure natural products unless it’s a DIY or the preservatives used are natural too. In this case, you need to confirm the ingredients first from a knowledgeable person. You should go with products that are tried and reviewed and are from trusted brands. For instance, Rodan and Fields is a trusted skincare brand. It is good to consult a dermatologist or any other skin specialist also before trusting any product.

  1. As You Grow Older Acne Will Disappear

Many people believe that acne is a problem for teenagers because they have reached adolescence, but this is a mere myth. Never tell your teenage son or daughter that acne will disappear as they grow older because this might not happen, and they will end up being disappointed. Acne can be bought by many things including cosmetics you apply on your skin, stress and mostly hormonal changes. Therefore, age is not a factor because acne can start at any age from teenage to your fifties or sixties.

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  1. Skin Care Is A Thing For The Ladies

Most probably women do more on their skin as compared to men, but the fact is that men are possessed about their skincare as well. Again, men also experience wrinkles, rashes, blemishes, eczemas, pimples and acne. None of these is appealing to any man, and therefore skincare is their thing too. However, men tend to have thicker skin, more collagen and sebaceous glands, and this means that their skin care is not as deep as that of the ladies.

  1. Wash Your Face More To Prevent Acne

This is a horrible and harsh myth whereby many people would believe that your acne is as a result of poorly washed skin. Even if you wash your face after every one hour and your pores are clogged, you will still have acne because acne does not come from dirt. Well, it is good to wash your face because not washing it will have its negative impacts. However, not washing it will never be the cause of acne.

  1. Sunscreen Is Not A Must On A Cloudy Day

This is a sad myth because what people do not know is that UV radiation will always reach the surface of the earth whether it is sunny or cloudy. Therefore if you ignore or avoid your sunscreen on a cloudy day, you might end up nursing sunburns later. Use your sunscreen always for everyday protection, and this includes after too much sweating and swimming.

Do not believe anything simply because you heard it; the fact might affect you adversely. In this case, avoid all these skin care myths and do the right thing or consult a skin expert such as a dermatologist