The Narcissistic test- Here’s How you can Identify a Narcissist

If you’ve been called a narcissist plenty of times, do you really think you are one? Who exactly is a narcissist? Narcissistic people are those who are obsessed with themselves and have an extremely self-centered personality. They consider themselves superior than others and constantly demean the people around them to feel better about themselves.

Signs that you’re a narcissist-

Take this narcissistic test to find out if you really fall under the category of narcissistic people.

  • You secretly believe that you’re better than most people
  • You feel like you perform tasks more efficiently than everyone else
  • You love how you physically look
  • You constantly spend a lot of time in front of the mirror
  • You like being the center of attention
  • You feel jealous when someone steals the spotlight from you
  • Someone else’s success irritates you deeply
  • You like people who appreciate you
  • You dislike being criticized
  • Your motto is ‘no matter what happens, it’s never my fault’
  • You think you make an excellent leader
  • You think you have the right to boss everyone around
  • You love bragging about everything
  • You also love talking about yourself

If you strongly agree with a majority of the statements then you’re an extreme narcissist and if your answer is a yes to only a few of the statements then your narcissism is healthy. Healthy narcissism can be good for you only if you don’t start being overly self-obsessive.

narcissistic test

Which type of narcissist are you?

Psychologists divide narcissists into three distinct types on the basis of their behaviors; closet, toxic and exhibitionist.

  • Closet narcissists:

These types of narcissists have different personalities. They want to feel entitled but are not confident enough. They have insecurities but try to cover them up by disregarding others.  They only do what they want to do and will stop at nothing to get what they want. They will often play the victim card. Closet narcissists often blame their partners for things they had no connection with and will keep saying things that make their partners go crazy.

  • Exhibitionist narcissists

These kinds of people do not have insecurities like the closet narcissists and ooze confidence without hesitating. They’re convinced that they’re better than everyone else and make it a habit to repeatedly criticize others.  They have the habit of bragging about themselves whenever they get a chance and often crave for compliments from the others.

  • Toxic narcissists

They take narcissism to another level. Not only are they beyond obsessed with themselves, they also find satisfaction in hurting others and making them feel inferior. They feed on the misery of others and make it a mission to destroy the confidence of everyone around them. They are always involved in dramas and 70% of the time they are the major cause of it.

If you can relate to a lot of these traits then you have passed the narcissistic test with flying colors. This means that you need to consider changing your personality and become a better person. It is good to be confident about yourself but over confidence can lead to your down fall.