The Intrauterine-insemination preparatory stage

When you and your partner are becoming parents, the whole world changes and becomes more colorful. ADONIS Family Medical Center is the place where your dreams are coming true with Intrauterine insemination (IUI).

The latest modern technologies are involved; the best doctors of the field are employed. ADONIS clinic provides the whole process of infertility treatment from the preparation stage with consultations and programs’ adaptation to after discharge monitoring.

The Intrauterine insemination are prescribed among the cases of:

  • Pregnancy uncoming naturally within a year of attempts
  • Male infertility cases
  • The infertility cases, the cause of which could not be determined
  • The donor sperm using

Ukrainian legislation norms in matters of using donor materials are perfectly settled and stable. The infertility treatments are possible only for medical reasons. The whole treatment process is regulated and controlled by Ukrainian laws, donation and using of the donated material is held anonymously.

ADONIS’ own donor base is always at the clients’ service. The perfectly diagnosed donors are tested by several stages on the ADONIS clinic base before being included to the list. We have already taken care about the perfect gene base for your future children.

The Intrauterine-insemination preparatory stage in ADONIS clinic include:

  • The full organism examination of the family couple (depends on the chosen program)
  • The preparation process of the ejaculate, low-active sperm separation to increase the chances of successful egg fertilization
  • Individual donor sperm selection based on the clients’ requests and diagnostic results (gene fund, appearance, age, blood type, Rh factor) – optionally
  • Pathologies overcoming
  • Chronic diseases refuting
  • Ovulatory cycle control – optionally

ADONIS Fertility clinics strictly adhere to the standards of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The whole procedures are performed only with sterile materials, certified equipment and experienced professionals. Your health is under control and totally safe.

Significant aspect of ADONIS Intrauterine insemination procedure

For the best results and empowering of the future pregnancy, ADONIS complies with the list of significant aspects during the Intrauterine insemination procedure.

  • Active patient ovulation to launch the process of fertilization
  • Usage of the pre-processed and activated sperm and special impose equipment
  • Usage of frozen sperm with prior heating to body temperature (ADONIS own cryo-preservation storage is provided)
  • The seminal fluid uterus input using professional impose catheter
  • Obligatory laboratory and research studies for pregnancy confirmation after the expiry of 14 days

Professional approach is the way to success. ADONIS is always choosing the best technological procedures for results of high efficiency.

ADONIS list of programs is constantly updated for your convenience. Safety and comfort are ensured during the whole process of treatment.

Your best guides in Intrauterine insemination are ADONIS Fertility clinics. Because we care about your continuation in children!