Guidelines for Buying Anabolic Steroids Legally

Anabolic steroids are listed as schedule-III drug in the USA and therefore it is illegal to buy or consume it without having any registered doctor’s prescription. With valid doctor’s prescription, you can either buy these anabolic steroids from any of the drug stores of the country or you can visit any online medical stores. These steroids are for restricted use and therefore online pharmacies too will demand prescription and it will be recorded by the manufacturer so that they can tell the authorities the details about their clients whom they have sold.

All these measures are taken to protect the interest of the consumers and also to make sure that the drugs are not abused for the purpose of doping. FDA has totally banned the use of anabolic steroids for any non-medical usage like performance enhancement purpose, which is generally done by many sportsmen and athletes in the country.

If anyone is ever detected to have used such steroids while participating in any kind of competitive sports, then the sportsman will be banned to participate. Also, if he has won any title, prizes and medals earlier will be taken back for using unfair tactics to win recognition. Some steroid abusers may even face life ban too.

Even possession of these anabolic steroids without any valid prescription is considered illegal and if anyone is caught for such offence can be jailed too. You can click Musclesfax site in order to know the guidelines for using these steroids in much more detail. In this article we shall mention it briefly.

How you can purchase steroids legally?

You need to visit a doctor to get treatment for certain disease that may need anabolic steroids for the treatment. Once the doctor feels it necessary to prescribe you the steroid then he will give you necessary prescription for the same. Doctors will never suggest you any steroid based on your request.

Usually for the following medical conditions, you may need the steroid and the doctor may prescribe you.

  • Anemia

When the red blood cell counts go much below the normal level then you are suffering from anemia. In such condition, you cannot do any physical activities like engaging any sports activity or running etc. That is because of low red blood cell counts, your body is not getting sufficient oxygen to meet your body requirements and hence it is preventing you to do any physical activities. By testing your red blood cell count, any doctor can diagnose your anemic condition and he will readily prescribe you any anabolic steroid. With this prescription you can either buy it online or from any local drug stores.

  • Delayed puberty

Many boys often fail to grow into adults even after crossing their teenage. Usually after teenage boys become fertile they grow big. Lack of testosterone production may limit their sperm production, penis size, muscle growth, hair growth on the underarms or groin and sex drive too. In such conditions too, doctor will prescribe anabolic steroid.

  • Hormonal imbalance

When men become aged then a lot of hormonal imbalance takes place due to which many physical changes are observed in the body. To reverse these changes, doctors may prescribe anabolic steroids.