Individual start at the gym to lift weight and they begin with small weights. But slowly gets attracted towards lifting heavy weight. It may not or may be possible based on one’s stamina, health, willpower, and body weight. Therefore it needs some practice and working out with heavy weights is an achievable task following basic tips as given below.

  1. Irradiation

You can try this by making your fist squeeze hard and then squeeze the glutes. Try this sincerely and witness the result. This is called as “irradiation.” It is activating one muscle to radiate tension which will result in the neural activity in the areas nearby, and one gets more strength than before to use all the power to lift maximum weight.

Every time you feel tight and the process becomes a practice which means, you are working out with heavy weights. Then again you must take it to the next level to push more tightening and feel the tension. Every time practice this and make your muscles stronger, and hence you can increase the size of the weight every time in pounds.

working out with heavy weights

  1. PAP – Post-Activation Potentiating

This must be practiced by exposing your muscles to a non-strenuous weight during the first set and lift them. Then move to a heavier one. You can also use a heavy kettle-bell swinging and fire the glutes to activate the hip driving from the bottom to spike the CNS.

You are providing a shock to your body with an intense and short bout of exercise to potentiate the muscles and improve their core strength for that moment. When the nervous system gets a signal, it understands to exert more force and hence lifts heavy weight with the determination.

  1. Go Low On Warm-Up

Quickly warm-up and start with the actual lifting session. Do not waste your energy in warming up and save them for performing more on the job. You must not skip warm-up because you muscle gets control over your muscles, and only warm-up can help achieve that. But do not overboard there and start with the minimum weight you can handle to increase load from there. Do not start from the scratch every time as you will feel worn out when the real heavyweight comes.

  1. Make Use of Chalk

Aiming at lifting big must accompany chalk as only then you can achieve significantly. You will look at this suggestion as silly, but rest assured lack of friction in hand makes you lose on a heavyweight.

You must use chalk to dust your hand, and that will help you achieve lifting heavy weight. Even though many gyms do not allow usage of gym, you can use them in the gel form and apply them in your hand before you enter the gym. It will become dry on your palm and provide the required friction to lift heavy weight.

Thus one can follow the simple tricks given above and increase the power of lifting more weight. It is not only practice, but one must apply a bit of common sense to make the difference in lifting heavy weights.