Do you have any idea that the unusual menstrual bleeding happens because of the Hormonal Imbalance? The fact is that most of the women are not aware of the symptoms of gynecological issues. They are also not familiar with the symptoms that are not related to the reproductive organs including increased urination and back pain, as per the new study. For the sake of extensive availability of NSAIDs (over-the-counter), it is frequently presumed that women are sufficiently treating themselves but this case is no the same always.

Two very usual Gynecological issues that all the women should know are as follows:

Dysmenorrhea: Primary dysmenorrhea can be regarded as the most common gynecologic issue within menstruating ladies. This problem is so common that a large number of women can’t describe it in medical interviews, while their regular activities are even limited. This is generally described as cramping pain in part of the lower abdomen happening at the beginning of menstruation in non-appearance of any type of recognizable pelvic disease.

Primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea are different from one another and the later one defines painful menses sourced from pelvic pathology like endometriosis.

Dysmenorrhea implies the symptom involved with painful menstruation and it can be categorized into two broad sections: primary and secondary. The former one occurs in the non-appearance of pelvic pathology and the later one is a result of distinguishable organic diseases.

Primary Dysmenorrhea is another term for usual menstrual cramps. Cramps generally start one to two years following a woman initiate experiencing her period. Pain is generally experienced in the back or lower abdomen and nature might be mild to severe. Usual menstrual cramps many a time begin shortly or at the starting of the period and remain one to three days. With the age, a woman usually starts to experience less pain and might stop completely after her first baby.

Secondary Dysmenorrhea is pain happens due to the disorder involved with the reproductive organs of a woman. Such cramps generally initiate earlier during the menstrual cycle and present in the picture, as compared to common menstrual cramps.

Ovarian Cysts: Before knowing about Ovarian Cysts, you should be familiar with the term ‘ovary’. It is one of a pair involved with women’s reproductive glands located in the pelvis and one on each of the women’s uterus. The ovaries yield ova (eggs) along with female hormones called estrogen and progesterone.

The ovaries are the major source of female hormones that help in controlling the development of the characteristics of the female body including body shape, breasts, and body hair. They also help in regulating the menstrual cycle as well as pregnancy.

Ovarian cysts are one type of closed structures that appear like sac form in an ovary containing a semisolid or liquid substance. By “Cyst”, it implies to a fluid-filled structure that might or might not represent neoplasm (new growth) or a tumor. In case it is a tumor, it might be benign or malignant.

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