Making a mark to ensure fair education

Education is one of the most important processes in life. Every individual has the basic right to be educated in the field they are interested in. All over the world, there are many educational institutions made available to help the children to get the knowledge and practice of experiencing excellence. The government also has passed various bills and acts to deliver education in an efficient manner. Apart from the institutions, there are various other people who are interested to show support and give their service to the same field. Several philanthropists who help the schools and colleges with their financial and other support systems are lauded by the government and the people. Such is the nature of Bashir Dawood, a well-known social service person who is determined to improve and provide quality education throughout Pakistan. He, along with hias wife MariyamDawood, continuously involved in the new initiatives that take place in the field of learning and knowledge. They have been the pioneers in bringing many changes to the educational system in the country. The government of Pakistan has also altered many procedures to align with the current environment rather than following the same old system.

Bashir dawood

The new initiatives:

There are many processes that are being recommended by the ministry of education. These are planned, researched, and done a thorough survey of the students and their requirements in the college system. After a long-standing procedure, they have found out that the students are feeling the pressure of job and career because of which they turn into depression and get stressed soon. It is also followed by personal life tensions. To make sure it is balanced, they have come up with ideas that will include cultural, more co-curricular activities and sports which will improve the mental health of the youths of today.  Also, there are talks of including a research-based curriculum that will help the students to do more practical research than just be with the books.

Other supportive measures:

Bashir Dawood is extremely popular in Pakistan. He has been awarded many honors by the government and is pursuing his passion to improve the education system and support it through his ideas. His social service work is being recognized by many reputed people in the country. Apart from education, they have contributed heavily to initiate new buildings and offices. The Dawood Foundation has received donations from people across the world and it has got the central recognition too. In addition to this, they have been committed to providing huge support to the disaster relief efforts in the country. Their interest to educate the youth and help the needed people is what makes them a great influence on the people. Get to know about their efforts and notable services from their website.