Creative Funeral Program Cover Designs

The funeral program is the only memory of the memorial service celebrated for many years by the participant. Because the program emphasizes and pays tribute to the deceased, it must have a particular appearance.

It will contain images of the life of your loved one and their obituaries. The funeral program should reflect the personality of the deceased or the region or place where he lived. For example, someone who has lived in California most of their lives can choose a blanket for a funeral program with a beach.

There are many creative models for funerary programs that range from a simple colorful background to a real landscape. There are different topics related to different beliefs and styles.

Unique and Creative Funerals and Life Celebrations

There are cover drawings that show a scene of the future life as the sky. Some show a stairway to the sky, the door of paradise or a cloudy and smooth landscape. There are also floral patterns that show different flower patterns. If the funeral program is for a child, be sure to choose a model that suits your age and gender. There are also military or patriotic problems for those who served in the armed forces. These scenes should be the background of the photo of your loved one.


Creating a blanket for a funeral program can be basically what you want and is only limited by your imagination. It is important to remember that the deceased should be prominent and not the design of the funeral cover.

Some people do not feel comfortable creating program coverage or simply lack time. Due to all the other details of the preparation of a funeral service, the lack of time or creativity is perfectly understandable in times of losses.

It is always a good idea to delegate this type of task if you can. Also with the evolution of the Internet, there are good resources on the web that offer pre-designed funeral programs. These types of models save time and money. He also has more control over the content and the printing of the entire program.

If you do not have to recreate the wheel, you can buy creative designs for funerary programs, ready to use. Establish the basic concepts of design and typography for you and can save you a lot of time on the computer.


The best resource for designing creative covers for funeral programs is Thi Funeral Program Site There is a large selection of models of funerary programs with different themes suitable for mom, dad, grandmother, daughter, son or grandfather. There is also a wonderful section of funeral resources to help you complete the funeral program quickly and efficiently.