You the gamer in you gta 5 gratis is Grand Theft Auto which is one of the most chosen video games since last few years. It is available on comprehensive platforms. It is a video game of action-adventure developed by Rockstar Games.A game filled with plots and lots of action has made it successful. There is a vast world to travel and several missions to accomplish through violence.

This game is widely prevalent among youth and children and does not need any introduction. The plot is the same as previous versions in Gta5. There would be three characters who are criminals, and the plot is that they tend to commit heists under pressure from the government. There are a fictional city and open countryside in this plot. Players can take hold of all three characters.

gta 5 gratis

Main features

High-quality graphics with great visuals.

Online multiplayer mode is a big plus.

Allows playing with friends online with multiple controller support.

Professional voice over was given to the characters.

Recording the games and editing with Rockstar editor.

Vehicles used and driven are improved.

Violence- Shooting system is upgraded than the previous versions.


A lot of investment was made to give the best experience to the player in terms of fast and smooth play involving more action dosage. You can look at more info. Initially a standalone was developed which later included the multiplier mode of Gta 5. With this feature, one can play solo against others or can play in teams in various ways of the game.

At any stage of the game if the player finds it tough to complete one can take advice, codes on web and guides. There is a vast user base to this game. Game possibilities have been expanded a lot by the developers.

You would complete missions to earn money, buy cars, etc. and live an enriched life. There are a few missions which you compete with other players.


Rockstar editor is the latest feature. It is an editing and recording toolset. This rockstar editor helps you to record and edit real-time footage where you create short films with your control. Director mode can be used to create short films of your own in GTA 5. A wide range of features is made available to the player like camera, recording, effects, and access to the radio station. This offer you to showcase your hidden talent of creative skills.

The potential of the game is shown through the fantastic visuals. The new radio station has been added to listen to new music called ‘the lab fm.’

The game is quite engaging involving plots of crime along with missions like racing etc. Heists allow you to play with friends to do stealing activity of the game.