Podi recipe has been the most stable food in south Indian cuisine. This podi recipe is quick as well as delicious food to consume. Also, it is quite easy to prepare. The sun dried ingredients in the podi recipe taste divine when accompanied with hot steamed rice, spices, and ghee. If you taste the podi recipe, then you will never say no for this recipe. There are many varieties of podi recipes, and some of the most popular south Indian podi recipes are listed below.

Paruppupodi recipe

Pappupodi recipe is one of the most authentic recipes from Andra Pradesh. It tastes divine when taken with hot steamed rice along with garlic pickles and some roasted pickles. The addition of roasted peanuts and fenugreek seeds in the sesame oil makes it an excellent dish. This dish is better served with dosa and idly.


Kandipodi is a great combination of the variety of protein enriched dhal. This has been a traditional food for lunch as well as dinner in south India. Thiskandhipodi is packed with protein and fibre, which would get you numerous health benefits. The spicy flavour of ghee and raw vegetables in the powder invites all the spice lovers. Hence, this dish is so yummy to eat.

Sonthi powder

Sonthi powder is a delicious form of garlic. The equal amount of roasted garlic, Bengal gram and black gram form the delicious sonthi powder.  The sun-dried, roasted garlic in sonthi powder is more useful for enhancing the immunity power. Once prepared, you can store it in a cool place for a long time.

Karuvepillai powder recipe

This is an excellent way to consume the curry leaves, which is the powerhouse of iron. If you consume the karivepakupodi every day, then you could have long and strong hair. Besides, curry leaves are also good for heart, skin and blood cells. So, it is essential to include the curry leaves in your daily fibre. This tastes divine when ghee is added to it, and it is paired with rice. Check on How to make Curry Leaves Powder/ Karivepaku Podi for more details.


Chitlampodi is one of the most traditional powder recipes. It is such a delicious recipe and can be stored in a refrigerator for a month. The making of chitlampodi is simple and easy.


Senegapappupodi is a delicious anthra style podi recipe. The addition of Bengal gram and ground nuts makes it an excellent podi recipe.  It has a unique taste and flavour.


Pallikarampodi is prepared using pallilu, which is a kind of pulses that contain a high percentage of oil.   If you want a spicy food in travel, then you can choose this podi recipe as it is travel-friendly. Preparation of pallikarampodi is not time-consuming. Pallilu is the rich source of iron that might be beneficial for one’s diet.

These podi recipe is a must try the recipe that you should consume, especially karivepakupodi recipe. Just give a try and enjoy your all-time favourite recipe.