Singapore is the cosmopolitan island. A city-state that is one degree to north of equator. Whilst it may only have a small red dot on a gigantic world map, the mentioned 51-year-old country has too much to offer to all the travellers from across the world. Specifically, it is the melting pot of delectable cuisine, due to its multicultural structure of society. The country’s favourite hobby for pastime is nothing but to hunt for some really good food on a tropical island. All the visitors to Singapore would be delighted with the huge variety of the cuisines i.e., available in this very food paradise.

Singapore takes pride in itself being a paradise to all the foodies, providing a myriad of several cuisine. Right from the sweet to a savoury, one will be spoilt for the choice, they make. So if you are someone who is looking forward to a food tour in Singapore then you are making one great choice folks. Just go and have all the fun, allow your taste buds to try a few distinct cuisine of Singapore.

food tour in singapore

 Discover delish local food

Singapore may well be very small when compared to various other countries from all over the world, however, do not make a wrong choice of dismissing this country as the destination where one can get done with giving a try to all the numerous delish delicacies within the few days. The visitors to country may go on to feel they know a lot about the local dining well, just because of the fact they must have been to all the posh area, like the popular Orchard Road and the Marina Bay, at times. But how many of you all know that there are also endless yummy hidden places within the suburbs, heartlands, where a few of the most ordinary Singaporeans live? They are there serving few unforgettable delish delicacies that are mouth-watering.

Traditional experience of home dining

During a tour, one will go on to experience the life in the residential area of the country. One can visit the housing flat which is a kind of lower-cost housing where various locals live in. This place also includes a nutritious and tasty home-cooked food by all the friendly locals family.

The Chinatown Food Tour

Chinatown is amongst a bustling centre of activity all over the year, but particularly during Lunar New Year. There are endless of eateries that are offering conventional Chinese-style cooking. A few of these places are unfortunately the tourist traps, with an exorbitant price for what is hawker fare and street food.

So these were a few of the places that are often regarded as the must-visit when you are on food tour in singapore.