Best Prawns Shop in Singapore: Know More!

If you are wondering, “where to buy big prawns in singapore”, then you are at the right place. This article will take you to the gates of the best seafood company in Singapore from where you could purchase fresh and A1 quality seafood.

The delightful, meaty flesh of such prawns did stand out among all the ocean fruits appreciated in cultures all over the world because of its salty, scrumptious taste. The prawn rules supreme as that of the flexible megastar or companion of any meal, whether chucked on the grill or incorporated into salads for something like an additional protein blast, swamped in peppery curries as well as cooked to perfection inside a piping hot bowl of delicious local goong. They offer a variety of chilled and fresh shrimps as well as prawns for delivering right to your door.

where to buy big prawns in singapore

Variety of Prawns:

If you want something quick and easy, they have ready-to-eat cooked live prawn trays that are ideal for an early afternoon appetizer. These scrumptious prawns, delivered directly, which goes with the sauces they have created themselves as dunking side dishes.

Big and flavorful wild Aussie king as well as tiger prawns with succulent taste but also springy-sweet insides is among their imported fish catch. Such likely choices, which come frozen, unified, make excellent freezer essential items. If you’re searching for something far juicier, their super-sized prawns suitable for cooking or barbecuing may be just what you’re searching for.

 For people who are looking for a much more unique texture with something like a fruitiness nearer to crab than prawns, they also provide Argentine red prawns, iced or whole deshelled. These prawns, which are innately a lively red, seem to be the greatest steamed whole or lightly breaded to retain their sensitive mouth feel. After just a quick blast in the frying pan, their brined Ebi tempura would be ready to go there for those looking for some crunchiness.


It is the best seafood place and also they have the best prawn quality as discussed above. They are the greatest spot to start stocking up on wonderful fresh and processed seafood. Wade across to their internet fish market and also have delicious seafood supplied to your door anywhere throughout Singapore. If you do have any queries on how to better keep your fresh fish buy, please contact them — their experts seem more than delighted to accommodate!