Reservations encourage customers to process payments using their Zelle business account

Reserve, a fintech and cryptocurrency-related transaction and payment processing app, emailed a customer yesterday and asked them to process payments using their personal Zelle account. This is causing some vigilance in the community and is currently wary of third parties who pay on their behalf using their accounts.

Reservations are recommended that customers use their Zelle account to process payments

Yesterday, Reserve (a fintech/cryptocurrency exchange and processing company backed by Petro author Gabriel Jimenez) sent a letter requesting a loan to a Zelle commercial account to process payments. The astonishing email unofficially lists the rewards for it, and they use these Zelle business accounts to provide “thousands of dollars” in support for the business.

Many users were shocked by the offer and took it to social media, complaining and warning their Zelle accounts of the risks of lending to third-party companies. The “Zelle User Service Agreement” clearly states:

By agreeing to these Cryptocurrency news Terms of Service, you agree not to use the Service to repay or collect overdue or overdue debts, engage in debt collection activities, request money owed from third parties, or agree to money by borrowing by order of a court.

The collection of obligations to third parties appears to be beyond its scope and purpose. However, since all of these Venezuelans were introduced to Venezuela, the company has made remarkable progress showing that it is currently struggling to keep up with Zelle transaction amounts using payment services. Zelle is a powerful tool in Venezuela and is commonly used, unofficially recognized by most retailers in the country. This is why it is so important to constantly keep a large stock of fresh Zelle dollars.

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Keep the response to the shocked community

The crypto news spread on social media, reservations answered questions by sending various emails to customers and clarified the meaning of the company in previous emails. The booking apologized to the new messaging community and explained the real purpose of the offer. The new policy shows that it is only about recruiting new P2P liquidity providers from the backbone network or booking partners. Preliminary focuses on:

“As a reserve payment processor, the process of participating is not disclosed as it is more limited and strict compared to other P2P platforms. This is a US company subject to US law, stable quality of service and fraud often appear in the P2P model. “

Anyway, it was prepared by Bank of America using Zelle as the pre-Venezuela payment method. Last year, Wells Fargo announced it would shut down the Zelle service for Venezuelans and resume it later. Still, everything about the use of Zelle cautions the Venezuelan community.